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WmWm¥$ mm 


fictle School 








National Library of Scotland 



Merchiston Castle School 












Preface ..... 

List of Orders, Decorations, Mentions 

Roll of the Fallen .... 

List of those who served — Merchistonians 
— Masters 
— Preparatory School 

Summary ..... 




52 and 54 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 


THIS War List, which has been compiled from 
material published in The Merchistonian from 
December 1914-December 1919, is issued by the 
Merchistonian Club free to members. The records are 
no doubt incomplete and may be inaccurate. It has 
not been possible to track promotions, and the rank 
given is, as far as the School records show, that held 
at the end of the war. The list of those fallen includes 
those who were killed and those who died of wounds or 
on service. The date in brackets is the date of birth, 
the dates after the name show the years at School. 

Any corrections of errors and further information 
will be welcomed, and will be useful for future editions 
of the School Register. 

C. E. Edwarbs. 

Merchiston Castle, Edinburgh, 
October 1921. 


Elstob, Lieut.-Col. Wilfrith. 

Geddes, Eric Campbell. 


Geddes, Eric Campbell, First Lord of the Admiralty 


Gray, Col. Sir H. M. W., M.B., Ch.B., F.R.CS. 
Lamont, Lieut.-Col. J. W. F., R.H.A. 
Ogilvie, Lieut.-Col. T., Gordon Highrs. 


Charteris, Brig.-Gen. J., R.E. 

Duffus, Lieut.-Col. F. F., R.A.S.C. 

Gray, Col. Sir H. M. W., M.B., Ch.B., F.R.CS. 

Lamont, Lieut.-Col. J. W. F., R.H.A. 

Mackenzie, Lieut.-Col. J. H., R. Scots. 

Neilson, Lieut.-Col. W. G., A. and S. Highrs. 

Ogilvie, Lieut.-Col. T., Gordon Highrs. 


Bingham, Lieut.-Col. D. A. 
Charteris, Brig.-Gen. J. 
Cowan, Capt. I. C. 
Craig-Brown, Lieut.-Col. E. 
Duke, Capt. R. N. 
Elstob, Lieut.-Col. W. 
Fearenside, Lieut.-Col. E. 
Forsyth, Major M. H. 
Gavin, Lieut. A. G. D. 
Gourlay, Capt. K. I. 
Hay, Major S. 
Holland, Lieut.-Col. L. 
Hutchison, Major C. R. M. 
Jack, Major F. C. 
Jack, Lieut.-Col. J. L. 

Lamont, Lieut.-Col. J. W. F. 
Macdonald, Lieut.-Col. C. L, 
Mackenzie, Lieut.-Col. J. H. 
Madden, Capt. J. G. 
Ramsay, Major J. G. 
Roberts, Major G. 
Simson, Lieut.-Col. J. R, 
Stuart, Lieut. G. F. 
Sutherland, Major T. D. 
Turnbull, Lieut.-Col. G. 0. 
Utterson-Kelso, Lieut.-Col. J. E. 
Watson, Lieut.-Comdr. B. C. 
Watson, Lieut.-Col. C. S. M. 
Watson, Comdr. W. W. 
Wolff, Lieut.-Col. A. J. 

Merchiston Castle School 


Hutchison, Major C. R. M. 
Jack, Lieut. -Col. J. L. 
Macdonald, Lieut. -Col. C. L. 
Sutherland, Major T. D. 
Utterson-Kelso, Lieufc.-Col. J. 



Adam, 2nd Lieut. R. P. 
Alexander, Capt. U. 
Allan, Lieut. W. N. 
Bartholomew, Capt. I. 
Brown, Capt. A. L. 
Brown, Lieut. J. 
Brown, Capt. J. W. 
Burton, Capt. R. W. 
Cameron, Lieut. D. M. 
Carmichael, Lieut. W. M. 
Caven, 2nd Lieut. R. J. 
Considine, Lieut. A. E. (with 

Cowan, Capt. I. C. 
Darling, Capt. J. W., M.B. 
Duke, Capt. R. N. 
Duncan, Capt. G. W. 
Elliot, Lieut. F. M. 
Elstob, Lieut.-Col. W. 
Fairweather, Lieut. R. M. D. 
Falconer, Lieut. I. C. 
Findlay, Lieut. H. C. 
Findlay, 2nd Lieut. R. S. 
Fletcher, Capt. G. D. A. 
Form an, Lieut. A. N. 
Forsyth, Major M. H. 
Fulton, Capt. J. D. 
Gardiner, Lieut. E. F. 
Gourlay, Lieut.-Col. G. B. 
Gourlay, Capt. K. I. 
Grant, Capt. C. E. 
Gray, Lieut. A. F. 
Heath, Capt. J. T. 
Henderson, Capt. J. R. (with 


Hendry, Capt. J. 

Hodgart, Lieut. J. 

Hodgart, Major M. 

Hourston, Capt. W. E. C. 

Hunter, Capt. D. M., M.B. 

Hutchison, Major C. R. M. 

Inman, Lieut. W. C. 

Jack, Lieut. F. C. (with Bar). 

Lawson, Capt. R. W. 

Logan, Capt. J. 

Lusk, Capt. J. P., M.B. 

M 'Crone, Lieut. R. W. 

Macfarlane, Capt. R. 

Macfarlane, Lieut. W. S. 

M'Gown, Lieut. J. 

M'Gregor, 2nd Lieut. M. J. H. 

Macgregor, Capt. R. F. D. 

Mackay, Capt. A. S. 

Mackay, Capt. G. R. E. G., M.B. 

(with Bar). 
M'Kersie, Lieut. W. M. 
Mackinnon, Lieut. G. 
Mackintosh, Capt. H. C. 
M'Lachlan, 2nd Lieut. B. 
M'Laren, Lieut. A. I. 
M'Whirter, 2nd Lieut. J. J. 
Mansergh, Lieut. R. F. 
Mitchell, Capt. A. W. S. 
Mungall, Lieut. H. L. 
O'Ferrall, Lieut. E. A. (with 

Pearson, 2nd Lieut. R. F. 
Phillips, 2nd Lieut. R. C. 
Pringle-Pattison, Capt. H. S. S. 

(with Bar). 

Roll of Honour 


Eiddel, Lieut. R. 
Ritchie, Lieut. A. S. 
Roberts, Capt. G. (with 2 Bars). 
Robertson, Capt. D. 
Robertson, Capt. D. N. 
Robertson, Lieut. W. Jex. 
Smith, Lieut. G. A. C. 
Smith, Lieut. I. S. 
Spencb, Capt. G. C. D. 
Stewart, Capt. J. G. 
Stitt, Lieut. J. H. 
Sutherland, Major A. 
Sutherland, Major T. D. 

Thom, Capt. J. F. 
Thomson, 2nd Lieut. G. D. 
Torrance, Capt. P. W. 
Utterson-Kelso, Lieut.-Col. J. E. 
Wallace, Lieut. J. C. 
"Webber, Major J. W. F. 
Wells, Rev. E. G. (with 2 Bars). 
Welsh, Capt. T., M.B. 
Whitaker, Capt. EL, M.B. 
Wilson, Lieut. P. H. 
Winkler, Lieut. E. R, 
Workman, 2nd Lieut. C. S. 
Young, 2nd Lieut. C. J. M. 

Mackay, Lieut. M. S. 


The Right Hon. Sir Eric Campbell Geddes. 

Gray, Col. H. M. W. 


Houston, A. C. 

Roberts, Lieut. -Col. A. F. 

Bell-Irving, Lieut. -Col. A. 
Burn-Murdoch, Major Ian. 
Fearenside, Lieut. -Col. E. 
Fulton, Capt. J. S, 
Ker, Major H. T. 
Mackenzie, Capt. A. D. 
Melville, Major E. P. A. 



Murray, Capt. W. A. K. 
Ramsay, Major J. G. 
Simpson, Lieut. -Col. A. P. 
Smith, Major G. W. 
Tennent, Capt. A. K. 
Usher, Capt. C. M. 


Broadway, Lieut. E. E. 

10 Merchiston Castle School 


Alexander, Lieut. J. W. Greig, Staff-Surgeon Louis. 

Houston, A. C. 


Holland, Major L., D.S.O. 

Neilson, Major W. G., C.M.G., D.S.O. 

Turnbull, Major Bruce. 


Bartholomew, Lieut. G. H. F. 

Bartholomew, Capt. I. (twice). 

Black, Capt. A. E. 0. 

Blair, Lieut. R. 

Brown, Lieut. J. D. 

Brown, Capt. K. Paterson, M.B., Ch.B. 

Burn-Murdoch, Major Ian. 

Cadell, Capt. H. M. 

Charteris, Brig. -Gen. J., C.M.G., D.S.O. (five times). 

Craig-Brown, Lieat.-Col. E., D.S.O. (five times). 

Cumming, Capt. J. 

Cunningham, Lieut. J. G. 

Davidson, Capt. W. C, M.B., Ch.B. 

Duffus, Lieut.-Col. E. J., C.B. (twice). 

Duffus, Lieut.-Col. F. F., C.M.G. (three times). 

Duke, Capt, R. N., D.S.O., M.C. (three times). 

Duncan, Capt. G. W. 

Fasson, Capt. F. H. 

Fearenside, Lieut.-Col. E., D.S.O. (twice). 

Forman, Capt. G. E. Grant. 

Forman, Lieut. R. 

Forsyth, Major M. H., D.S.O., M.C. 

Fulton, Capt. J. D. (three times). 

Geddes, Sir Eric, K. C.M.G. 

Gourlay, Lieut.-Col. G. B., M.C. (three times). 

Gourlay, Capt. K. I., D.S.O., M.C. (three times). 

Grant, Capt. C. E., M.C. (twice). 

Gray, Col. Sir H. M. W., C.B., C.M.G., M.B., F.R.C.S. (twice). 

Gray, Capt. John (twice). 

Hardie, Capt. J. S. 

Hay, Major S., D.S.O. (twice). 

Heath, Capt. J. T., M.C. 

Hedderwick, Lieut. Cedric. 

Hedderwick, Lieut. Cyril. 

Holland, Lieut.-Col. L., D.S.O. (five times). 

Roll of Honour 1 1 

Hunter, Capt. D. M., M.B. 

Hutchison, Major C. R. M., D.S.O., M.C. (twice). 

Jack, Major F. C., D.S 0., M.C. (twice). 

Jack, Lieut.-Col. J. L., D.S.O. (twice). 

Kenwortht, Capt. S. 

Ker, Major H. T. 

Lamont, Brig.-Gen. J. W. F., C.M.G., D.S.O. (four times). 

Lawson, Capt. J., M.B., Ch.B. 

Lloyd- Jones, Capt. E. W. 

Longmuir, Lieut. A. 

M'Credie, Lieut. J. 

M'Crone, 2nd Lieut. R. W. 

Macdonald, Lieut.-Col. C. L., D.S.O. 

Macfarlane, Capt. R., M.C. 

Macgregor, Capt. R, F. D., M.B. 

Macgregor, Capt. W. 

Mackay, Capt. A. S., M.C. 

Mackenzie, Lieut.-Col. J. H., C.M.G., D.S.O. (five times). 

M'Lachlan, Lieut. B., M.C. 

M'Millan, Capt, W. S. (twice). 

M 'William, Lieut. A. R. 

Madden, Capt. J. G., D.S.O. 

Mellis, Capt. G. D. 

Mitchell, Lieut. T. G. 

Murray, Capt. W. A. K. 

Neilson, Capt. R. T. 

Neilson, Lieut.-Col. W. G., C.M.G., D.S.O. (five times). 

Ogilvie, Lieut.-Col. T., C.B., C.M.G. (four times). 

Rae-Arnot, Lieut. G. 

Ramsay, Major J. G., D.S.O. (three times). 

Roberts, Lieut. G., D.S.O., M.C. 

Simpson, Lieut.-Col. A. P. 

Simson, Lieut.-Col. J. R., D.S.O. 

Stuart, Lieut. G. F., D.S.O. 

Sutherland, Major T. D., D.S.O., M.C. 

Tennent, Lieut. A. K. 

Tod, 2nd Lieut, A. J. 

Ure, Lieut. W. A. 

Utterson-Kelso, Lieut.-Col. J. E., D.S.O., M.C. 

Wallace, Lieut. J. C. 

Watson, Major C. S. M., D.S.O. 

Watson, Commander W. W., D.S.O. 

Welsh, Capt. T., M.C, M.B., Ch.B. 

Wightman, Major G. L. 

Winkler, Lieut. W. 0. B. 

Wolff, Lieut.-Col. A. J., D.S.O. 

Young, Capt. H. S. 

Young, 2nd Lieut, J. D. 

12 Merchiston Castle School 


Ballantyne, Capt. T. H. 

Bell-Irving, Lieut.-Col. A., D.S.O. 

Burnley-Campbell, Col. H. 

Davidson, Capt. W. C., M.B. 

Fasson, Capt. F. H. 

Holland, Major (Brevet Lieut.-Col.) L., D.S.O. 

M 'Donald, Capt. W. 

Neilson, Major Walter. 

Patterson, Acting Paymaster-Lieut. C. D. 

Simpson, Lieut.-Col. A. P. 

Whiteford, Major J. H. G., M.B. 


Legion of Honour (French).— Lieut.-Col. J. L. Jack ; Lieut. 

A. M'R. Moffat; Major G. W. Smith; Capt. P. W. 

Croix de Guerre (French). — Capt. A. E. 0. Black; Capt. H. M. 

Cadell; Lieut. A. N. Forman ; Lieut.-Col. G. B. Gourlay ; 

Lieut. R. W. M 'Crone; Capt. J. S. Pringle; 2nd Lieut. 

J. E. de Watteville. 
Croix Rouge (French). — W. B. Black; J. A. H. Bowman. 
Croix de Guerre (Belgian). — Brig.-Gen. J. Charteris ; Major 

I. C. Cowan; Capt. J. G. Cunningham; Sir Eric Geddes ; 

Major J. G. Ramsay ; Lieut. H. M. D. Watson. 
Order of the Crown (Belgian). — Brig.-Gen. J. Charteris. 
Order of Leopold, (Belgian). — Lieut. H. M. D. Watson. 
Croce di Guerra (Italian). — Capt. U. Alexander. 
Order of the Crown (Italian) — Major N. I. Hunter. 
Bronze Medal for Valour (Italian) — Major G. R. E. G. Mackay; 

G. A. Metcalfe. 
Order of St Stanislas (Russian). — Major A. M. Houston. 
Order of St Anne (Russian). — Capt. W. L. Cook. 
Order of the White Eagle (Serbian). — Capt. P. S. Guise; Lieut.- 
Col. L. Holland ; Lieut.-Col. Bruce Turnbull. 
Order of St Sava (Serbian). — Capt. G. S. Davidson; Major W. H. 

Military Order of Aviz (Portuguese). — Lieut.-Col. J. H. Mackenzie; 

Capt. G. S. Milne. 
Order of the Rising Sun (Japan). — Brig.-Gen. J. Charteris. 

Roll of Honour 13 

Order of the Lion and the Sun (Persian). — Capt. J. D. Fulton. 
Order of Danilo (Montenegrin). — Lieut.-Col. E. Craig-Brown. 
Order of the Nile (Egyptian). — Lieut.-Col. G. 0. Turnbull. 
Order of El Nalida (King of the Hedjaz). — Lieut.-Col. G. 0. 

Military Medal for Merit (Greek). — Major W. H. Welsh. 
Distinguished, Service Medal (American). — Brig. -Gen. J. Chartejris. 


ADAM, WALTER WILLIAM (b 1891), 1906-9; 2nd Lieut., 6th 
Bn. R. Scots Fus. ; Capt., 1915. Killed in France, Dec. 1916. 

ADDIS, DAVID MALCOLM (b 1882), 1895-9; 2nd Lieut., R. Fus. 
Wounded. Missing, 1917. 

AIRMAN, WILFRID HUDSON (b 1893), 1908-10; Lieut., 6th 
Bn. H.L.I. ; Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine. Died of wounds 
received in action in France, 29th Sept. 1918. 

ALLAN, JAMES GRANT (b 1894), 1908-13; xv., vi. Form; 
Edin. Univ. ; Lieut., 9th Bn. Gordon Highrs. ; machine-gun 
officer. Killed in action at Loos, 25th Sept. 1915. 

ANDERSON, CHARLES OGILYY (b 1896), 1910-14; Shooting 
viii. ; 2nd Lieut., 11th Bn. R. Scots. Died at Le Touquet of 
wounds received in action in France, 25th Sept. 1915. 

vi. Form ; Exhibitioner, Caius Coll., Camb. ; Cadet, R.A.F. 
Killed in a flying accident in Yorkshire, Dec. 1917. 

ANDREWS, WALTER (b 1879), 1893-6; 2nd Lieut.. R. Scots 
Fus., 1900 : joined LA., 95th Russell's Infantry, 1903 ; Capt,, 
1909; Capt., 120th Rajputana Infantry, 1914. Killed in 
action, Persian Gulf, 14th April 1915. 

ANNA.ND, ALLAN YOUNG (b 1890), 1905-8; Private, Artists' 
Rifles, 1914; 2nd Lieut,, H.L.I. Wounded (Mesopotamia), 
March 1916. Killed in action in Mesopotamia, Jan. 1917. 

1909-14 ; vi. Form ; 2nd Lieut., 14th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. ; 
Capt., 1917; mentioned in despatches. Died of wounds 
received in action, 1917. 

14 Merchiston Castle School 

BAXTER, WILLIAM HEDLEY BRUCE (b 1892), 1907-11; 
xv., xi., Prefect; Pemb. Coll., Camb., Camb. Univ. xv., B.A.; 
Capt., 6th Bn. R, Warwick. Regt. Wounded, July 1916. 
Killed in action, Oct. 1917. 

BELL, JOHN MURRAY (b 1886), Assistant Master, 1910-15; 
Trin. Coll., Oxford, M.A. ; 2nd Lieut., 19th Bn. H.L.I. 
Killed in action, April 1917. 

2nd Lieut., 7th Bn. Border Rest. Killed in action, August 

BLAKE, G. P., Assistant Master, 1903-5; Trin. Coll., Camb., B.A.; 
Capt., 10th Bn. R, Welsh Fus. Wounded (France), Feb. 
1916. Killed in action, July 1916. 

BREMNER, DAVID (b 1889), 1903-5; 2nd Lieut., 10th Bn. 
Border Regt.; Lieut., 1916. Died at Doullens of wounds 
received in action, July 1916. 

BREMNER, JAMES (b 1890), 1903-6; Lieut., 8th Bn. R. Scots. 
Wounded 1915. Died of wounds received in action, June 

BROWN, CHARLES WILLIAM (b 1880), 1892-7; xi. ; 2nd 
Lieut., K.O.S.B. Died at Bristol from wounds received in 
action in May 1917. 

BROWN, IAN MURRAY PATERSON (b 1896), 1910-13; 
2nd Lieut., 3rd Bn. A. and S. Highrs. Killed, 2nd August 

BROWN, JAMES WILLIAM (b 1892), 1905-11; vi. Form, 
xv., xi., Prefect; Open Classical Exhibition, St John's Coll., 
Oxford; 1st Class Classical Mods., 1913; 2nd Lieut., 11th 
Bn. R. Scots; M.C. Wounded, 1915 (France). Reported 
missing, April 1917. 

BROWN, JOHN (b 1891), 1904-10; vi. Form; Balliol Coll., 
Oxford, M.A. ; Private, 9th Bn. R. Scots, 1914. Wounded, 
Ypres, 1915; 2nd Lieut., 6th Bn. Seaforth Highrs., 1916; 
wounded at Arras, 1917; M.C, 1917; Lieut., 7th Bn. Sea- 
forth Highrs., attd. 9th Bn. Killed in action in France, 
11th April 1918. 

BROWNE, GEORGE BROWNLIE (b 1892), 1905-10; 2nd 
Lieut., 10th Bn. Black Watch, attd. 9th Bn. Killed in 
action in France, 7th Feb. 1916. 

BRUCE, BETHUNE DUNCAN (b 1874), 1890-2 ; Capt., 13th Bn. 
R. Scots. Killed in action in France, Sept. 1915. 

Roll of Honour 15 

BURN-MURDOCH, COLIN THOMAS (b 1892), 1905-10; vi. 
Form ; Sandhurst ; 20th (Brownlowe) Punjabis, LA. ; 2nd 
Lieut., 1912; Lieut., 1914. Wounded (Mesopotamia) 1915 ; 
Capt., attd. S. Waziristan Militia. Killed in action on the 
Afghan Frostier, 1919. 

CALDER, JAMES HAMILTON (b 1883), 1897-1901 ; Private, 
Australian Infantry. Wounded, April 1917; died, a prisoner 
of war, in Germany. 

CAMERON, WILLIAM M. (b 1891), 1905-11; vi. Form, xv. 
Shooting viii. ; Lieut., Cameron Highrs. (S.R.), 1914; Edin. 
Univ., M.A., 1915 : 2nd Lieut., 1st Bn. Cameron Highrs. 
Wounded at Loos, 25th Sept. 1915 ; died in London, 27th 
Oct. 1915. 

xv.; served in N.-W. Rebellion, 1885 (Canada), and in 
S. African War; Lieut.-Col., 107th Canadian Pioneers. 
Died in France, 20th Oct. 1917. 

CAMPBELL, IAN DERMID (b 1899), 1913-15 ; 2nd Lieut,, 
R.A.F. Missing, 30th Nov. 1917 (France). 

CARTER, DESMOND PATRICK WEBB- (b 1897), 1910-11 ; 
Woolwich (1st place), 1914; 2nd Lieut., R.E. Killed, Dec. 

CHALMERS, ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS (b 1889), 190-1-9; xv., 
Prefect; Lieut., A. and S. Highrs. Died in hospital, 1919. 

COCHRANE, HUGH PATERSON (b 1878), 1892-5; Capt., 4th 
Bn. K.O.S.B. ; Major, 5th Bn. Lane. Fus. ; served in Egypt 
as Lieut.-Col., 8th Bn. Lane. Fus. Killed in action near 
Ypres, 20th Sept. 1917. 

CONSIDINE, PATRICK FRANCIS (b 1893), 1906-12; xv., 
Shooting viii., Prefect; Lieut., 4th Bn. R. Scots. Died, 
12th July 1915, at Malta, of wounds received in action at 
the Dardanelles on 28th June 1915. 

COOK, HENRY RODHAM (b 1883), 1896-1903; Prefect, xv. 
(Capt.), xi. (Capt.), School Capt, ; Private, R.A.M.C. ; 2nd 
Lieut., 16th Bn. Manchester Regt., 1915; Capt., 1916. 
Wounded on the Somme, Julv 1916. Killed in action, 
7th Sept. 1917. 

COOPER, OLIVER HENRY DONALD (b 1895), 1909-12; 
Private, H.L.I., 1914; Lieut., 6th Bn. H.L.I. Wounded and 
missing near Lake Doiran, June 1917. 

COUSIN, JOHN DENHOLM (b 1897), 1910-14; Lieut., 4th Bn. 
H.L.I. Missing, 9th April 1918 (Armentieres). 

16 Merchiston Castle School 

COWAN. RONALD (b 1896), 1910-13; xv., Shooting viii., 
Gym. viii. ; 2nd Lieut., 6th Bn. H.L.I. Killed in action. 
Gallipoli, July 1915. 

CRAWFORD, ROBERT STOBO (b 1892), 1907-10; Shooting 
viii. ; Glasgow Univ. ; 2nd Lieut., 3rd Bn. R. Scots Fus. 
Killed in action in France, 18th May 1915. 

xv. ; Capt., 5th Bn. R. Scots ; Gallipoli, attd. Hampshire 
Regt. Wounded 1917. Killed in action in France, 1918. 

DICKSON, JOHN GAVIN (b 1897), 1911-14; xv., Prefect; 
2nd Lieut., 4th Bn. H.L.I., attd. to 1st Bn. Killed in action 
in Mesopotamia, March 1916. 

DONALD, IAN STRATHY (b 1896), 1909-14; Lieut, 5th Bn. 
Scottish Rifles (Cameronians). Died in hospital at Havre, 
7th Aug. 1916, of wounds received in action on the Somme. 

DONKIN, SAMUEL THORNTON (b 1894), 1908-12 ; Trooper, 
Lothians and Border Horse, 1914; 2nd Lieut., 7th Bn. 
Northumberland Fus. Killed in France, 25th Dec. 1915. 

DOWNIE, REGINALD FORBES (b 1898), 1911-16; Sand- 
hurst; 2nd Lieut., 3rd Bn. Cameron Highrs. Wounded and 
missing, Morval (France), 24th March 1918. 

Edin. Univ., L.R.C.P.E. ; Lieut, R.A.M.C. Died at 
Grantown-on-Spey, 29th Feb. 1916. 

EDWARDS, ROBERT AMOR (b 1897), 1911-15; Sandhurst; 
2nd Lieut, W. Yorks. Regt Wounded, April 1917. Died 
of wounds received in action at Poperinghe, 14th July 1918. 

ELLIS, JAMES (b 1891), 1904-9; xi., Gym. viii.; Capt, 7th 
Bn. Gordon Highrs. Wounded (France), Aug. 1915. Died 
of wounds received in action, April 1917. 

ELLIS, JOHN MARTIN (b 1886), 1902-5; xv., xi., Prefect; 
Lance-Cpl., New Zealand E.F., Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine. 
Killed in action in Palestine early in 1916. 

FORSYTH, MAXWELL HAUTON (b 1893), 1906-8; 8th Bn. 
Gordon Highrs, attd. 9th Scottish Rifles; M.C. (Loos), 
1915 ; D.S.O., 1917 ; mentioned in despatches. Died on 11th 
March 1918 of wounds received in action. 

FRASER, D^ARCY MACKENZIE (b 1878), 1888-90; Sand- 
hurst; 75th Carnatic Inf., LA.; 2nd Lieut, 1898; Lieut., 
1900; Capt, 1907, attd. 6th Bn. Lincoln. Regt. as temporary 
Major. Killed in action at the Dardanelles, August 1915. 

Roll of Honour 17 

FRASER, ROWLAND (b 1890), 1903-8; xv., xi. (Capt.), 
Gym. viii., Prefect, vi. Form; Pemb. Coll., Camb., Camb. 
Univ. xv., 1908-11 (Capt. 1910-11); S.cot. Internatl. xv., 1911 ; 
Capt., 5th Bn. Rifle Brigade. Killed in action, July 1916. 

GARDEN. CHARLES ROBERT JOHN (b 1892), 1906-11; 
vi. Form; New Coll., Oxford; 2nd Lieut., R.F.A. (S.R.). 
Died of cholera in Mesopotamia, May 1916. 

■GARDINER, EVELYN FRANCIS (b 1896), 1910-14; Lieut., 
3rd Bn. Seaforth Highrs., attached Machine Gun' Corps; 
M.C. Killed in action at Guillemont, 30th July 1916. 

•GRAY, JOHN (b 1882), 1896-1901; xv. (Capt.), Prefect, 
School Capt. ; Sandhurst, The Sword of Honour ; 36th Sikhs, 
LA.; 2nd Lieut., 1902; Lieut, 1905; Capt., 1911; 
Tientsin, N. China, 1914; twice mentioned in despatches. 
Killed in action in Mesopotamia, April 1916. 

•GRIERSON, JAMES CULLEN (b 1863), 1872-6; Convener of 
theCountvof Shetland; Capt., 7 th Vol. Bn. Gordon Highrs.; 
Lieut,, R.N.V.R., 1914-15. Died, July 1915. 

HALDANE, ARTHUR CUTHBERT (b 1892), 1905-8; Lieut., 
10th Bn. Seaforth Highrs. Killed in action, August 1916. 

HALDANE, J. O., Assistant Master, 1904; 2nd Lieut., K.R.R.C. 
Killed, July 1916. 

HALLY, JOHN (b 1887), 1901-5; Shooting viii. ; Capt., 6th Bn. 
Black Watch. Killed in action, July 1916. 

HARVEY, CHARLES MILNE (b 1892), 1906-10; Sandhurst; 
Middlesex Regt. ; 2nd Lieut., 1911 ; Lieut., 1914. Killed in 
action in Flanders, 23rd Nov. 1914. 

Lieut., l/6th Bn. R. Scots, attd. l/5th Bn. R. Scots Fus., 
Egypt, Palestine. Died of wounds received in action in 
France, 1st Oct. 1918 

HENDRY, JAMES (b 1880), 1895-7; Capt., 16th Bn. R. Scots; 
M.C. Died of wounds received in action, 1916. 

HEWER, CHARLES WILLIAM (b 1894), 1909-12; 2nd Lieut., 
9th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. Missing, Dec. 1917. 

HILTON, H. D., Assistant Master about 1907. Killed in 

HODGART, MATTHEW (b 1885), 1898-1902; Major, R.E. (T.), 
406th (Renfrew) Field Coy.; M.C. Killed in action near 
Ypres, 9th Oct. 1917. 


18 Merchiston Castle School 

HUTCHISON, DONALD HERBERT (b 1895), 1909-14; 
Prefect, Capt. of xv. and xi., School Capt., 1913 and 1914; 
Lieut., 16th Bn. London Regt. Killed in Flanders, 11th 
August 1915. 

JONES, ERNEST RAE (b 1877), 1890-6; xv., xi.; Canadian 
Militia; 2nd Lieut., 1st Bn. Cheshire Regt., 1898; Lieut., 
1900 ; Capt., 1906. Killed in action in France, August 1914. 

JONES, FREDERICK CAVERHILL (b 1869), 1884-7; xv., xi., 
Prefect; Capt., Canadian Contingent, S.A. War; "Sword of 
Honour " for gallantry at Paardeburg ; Major, 1 15th Canadian 
Bn. ; served in France; invalided home. Died 28th July 1917.. 

KINMONT, JOHN COLLIE (b 1895), 1908-12; Edin. Univ.; 
Lieut., Cameron Highrs. (S.R.) ; Capt., 3rd Bn., attd. Tank 
Corps. Died of injuries received on active service, 1917. 

LAIDLAW, JOHN LESLIE (b 1894), 1909-12; Edin. Univ.;. 
2nd Lieut., 10th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. Died of wounds 
received in action, July 1916. 

LIVINGSTONE, JOSEPH WALTON (b 1876), 1890-2 ; R.A.S.C. 
Invalided out of service. Died at Newcastle-on-Tyne, 17th 
Jan. 1919. 

LLOYD-JONES, EDWARD WYNNE (b 1888), 1902-7; xv., 
Shooting viii., Prefect, vi. Form; Emmanuel Coll., Camb., 
B.A. ; Capt., 7th Bn. R. Welsh Fus. (T.F.) ; mentioned in 
despatches. Killed in action at the Dardanelles, August 1915. 

LOCKHART, GEORGE BARCLAY (b 1893), 1907-10; Gym. viii.; 
Lieut., Highland Cyclist Bn. (T.F.); R.A.F. Killed while 
flying, in an attack from an enemy aeroplane, 1917. 

LOCKHART, JOHN SUTHERLAND (b 1893), 1907-12; xv., 
Gym. viii., Prefect; Lieut., 11th Bn. R. Scots, attd. 2nd Bn. 
Wounded in Flanders, Aug. 1915. Killed in France, May 

LODGE, RICHARD CUTHBERT (b 1894), 1908-11; Edin. 
Univ.; Lieut., 16th Bn. R. Scots. Killed in action, 27th 
August 1917. 

xv., xi. ; Lieut., R.N.Y.R. (Motor Boat Service). Accidentally 
drowned off Poole we, Nov. 1914. 

Lieut., 6th Bn. Scottish Rifles (Cameronians), attd. 5th Bn. 
Killed in action, 13th April 1918. 

Roll of Honour 19 

Gym. viii. ; Lieut., R.N.V.R. Died of enteric at the 
Admiralty Naval Hospital, Mudros, 1918. 

LYELL, DAVID (b 1888), 1900-7; vi. Form, Rogerson Scholar- 
ship; Balliol Coll., Oxford, B.A. ; Edin. Univ., LL.B., 1914; 
Advocate ; 2nd Lieut., 7th Bn. R. Scots. Killed in action, 
Dardanelles, 12th July 1915. 

LYLE, HEDLEY ROBERT (b 1883), 1896-1902; xv. ; Trooper, 
Scottish Horse ; 2nd Lieut,, 11th Bn. Gordon Highrs. Killed 
in action, May 1916. 

LYLE, THOMAS BASIL (b 1894), 1908-14; xi. (Capt. 2 years), 
xv., Prefect; 2nd Lieut., 3rd Bn. Black Watch. Missing, 
June 1915. 

M'AFEE, LEWIS ALEXANDER (b 1888), 1901-7 ; xv., Prefect, 
vi. Form ; Pembroke Coll., Cambridge, Camb. Univ. xv. ; 
London Hospital; Lieut., 8th Bn. Rifle Brigade. Killed in 
action, Flanders, 29th July 1915. 

2nd Lieut., R.A.F. Killed in France, 8th Nov. 1915. 

1901-5; xi. ; Trooper, Canadian Cavalry. Died in London, 

M'DONALD, HAROLD STEWAKT (b 1899), 1913-17: xv. ; 
Glasgow Univ. O.T.C. ; 2nd Lieut., Scottish Rifles 
(Cameronians). Killed in action, 21st Sept. 1918. 

MACFARLANE, ROBERT (b 1894), 1908-13; Prefect, xv. 
(Capt.), xi. ; Capt., 3rd Bn. Black Watch, attd. IstBn.; M.C. ; 
mentioned in despatches. Wounded, June 1916; March 1917. 
Killed in action in Mesopotamia, April 1917. 

M'FARLANE, RONALD AITCHISON (b 1896), 1910-14; xv. ; 
Lieut., 13th Bn. R. Scots. Wounded and missing at Loos, 
Sept. 1915. 

MACFARLANE, WILLIAM SMITH (b 1890), 1903-8 ; xv., Gym. 
viii , vi. Form ; Trooper, Lothians and Border Horse ; Lieut., 
5th Bn. R. Scots, attd. King's Own R. Lane. Regt. ; R.A.F. ; 
served in Gallipoli ; M.C. (France). Wounded, Oct. 1916; 
Aug. 1917. Killed in a flying accident, Hooton, Cheshire, 
20th June 1918. 

M'GOWAN, NORRIS (b ), 1890-2 ; Private, K.O.S.B. Killed 

near Ypres about 31st July 1917, 

20 Merchiston Castle School 

1904 8 ; xv., Shooting viii. (Capt.), Prefect ; Lieut., Rangoon 
Port Defence Vols. Died at Rangoon, 29th May 1915. 

MACKENZIE, FREDERICK OBRE (b 1882), 1895-6; Sand- 
hurst; Capt., 7th Rajputs, I. A. Killed in action at the 
head of the Persian Gulf, March 1915. 

MACKENZIE, JAMES GRAHAM (b 1886), 1901-4; W.S. ; 
2nd Lieut., 16th Bn. R. Scots; wounded. Reported missing, 
August 1916. 

M'KERSIE, ARCHIBALD JAMES (b 1888), 1901-6; Lieut., 
7th Bn. H.L.I. Died of wounds received in action, 
Dardanelles, 16th July 1915. 

MACKINNON", BRUCE (b 1898), 1912-16; xi. ; 2nd Lieut., 
H.L.I., attd. Trench Mortar Battery. Died of wounds 
received in action, 1918. 

MACKINNON, GORDON (b 1893), 1908-12 ; Prefect, xi. ; Lieut., 
9th Bn. K.O.S.B. ; M.C., 1917. Killed in action, 8th Nov. 

M'LACHLAN, BERRY (b 1889), 1903-4; xi. ; 2nd Lieut., 
R.F.A.; Egypt, Gallipoli; mentioned in despatches ; M.C., 

1917. Wounded, 1917. Died in hospital of wounds received 
in action, 12th Oct. 1918. 

MACLELLAN, GEORGE DOUGLAS (b 1890), 1903-8; vi. 
Form. xi. ; Glasgow Univ., B.Sc. ; Capt., 5th Bn. H.L.I. 
Killed in action, 28th April 1917. 

M'MILLAN, HUGH DOBIE (b 1882), 1898-1900; 2nd Lieut., 
Black Watch, 1917 ; Capt., 8th Bn. Killed in action, 1918. 

M'MURDO, GEORGE DUNN (b 1889), 1905-7; Capt., 6th Bn. 
H.L.I. ; Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine. Died at Airdrie of 
illness brought on by service abroad, 4th Nov. 1919. 

M'NAB, ALEXANDER (b 1898), 1912-16; Edin. Univ. O.T.C. : 
2nd Lieut., R.F.A. Died of wounds, 1918. 

M'NAIRN, JOHN GEORGE (b 1870), 1884-6; Surma Valley 
Light Horse. Died, August 1919. 

MACNIVEN, ALISTER ORR (b 1893), 1908-10; Lieut., 7th 
Bn. H.L.I. ; R.A.F. Killed in Egypt, 1918. 

M'PHAIL, PETER JOHN STUART (b 1888), 1900-7; Oriel 
Coll., Oxford, B.A. ; 2nd Lieut., R.G.A. (T.). Wounded, May 

1918. Died at Winchester, Nov. 1918. 

Roll of Honour 21 

MACRORIE, RODERICK DOUGLAS (b 1895), 1908-12; xv. : 
2nd Lieut., 4th Bn. R. Scots (TV) ; Capt., 1917; served in 
Gallipoli, Egypt, and Palestine. Killed in action, Gaza, 2nd 
Nov. 1917. 

MACWHIRTER, AVILLIAM TAIT (b 1891), 1906-10; xv., xi. ; 
Trooper, Australian Light Horse (Ambulance Section). Died 
of dysentery, Dardanelles, Dec. 1915. 

M'WILLIAM, HAMISH (b 1895), 1909-14 ; xv., xi., Prefect, 
School Capt., vi. Form; Lieut., 3rd Bn. Black Watch. 
Wounded in Flanders, Sept. 1915, Killed, May 1916. 

MARSHALL, ROGER (b 1891), 1904-5 ; 2nd Lieut., Durham L.L 
Killed in action, 20th Sept. 1914. 

MELLIS, GEORGE DUNCAN (b 1889), 1902-7; Clare Coll., 
Cambridge, B.A. ; Capt., R.F.A. ; mentioned in despatches. 
Wounded, 1917. Killed in action, Dec. 1917. 

MILLER, IAN MACLELLAN (b 1895), 1909-13; vi. Form; 
Glasgow Univ. ; Lieut., 2nd Bn. A. and S. Highrs. Killed in 
action in France, 25th Sept. 1915. 

MILLER, KENNETH STEVEN (b 1894), 1908-13; xv., Gym. 
viii. ; Glasgow Univ. ; Lieut., 4th Bn. Scottish Rifles 
(Cameronians). Wounded, Aug. 1916. Wounded and 
missing, July 1917. 

MILLER, ROBERT GIBB (b 1890), 1904-7; xv., xi. ; 2nd Lieut., 
S. Afr. Inf. ; served with the Natal Carabineers during the 
rebellion, and in the German West Africa Campaign. Killed 
in action, 1916. 

MILNE, JAMES GORDON (b 1892), 1905-10 : 2nd Lieut., 5th 
Bn. H.L.I. (T.F.); Capt.; wounded (Dardanelles), 1915. 
Reported missing, Aug. 1917; died of wounds, a prisoner 
in Turkish hands. 

MITCHELL, ANDREW NEILL (b 1891), 1906-10; Edin. Univ. ; 
2nd Lieut., 5th Bn. R. Scots Fus. Killed in action at the 
Dardanelles, Dec. 1915. 

MITCHELL, CHARLES DOUGLAS (b 1897), 1910-14; Lieut., 
2nd Bn. H.L.I. Wounded, Nov. 1916. Died at Doullens, 
25th March 1918, of wounds received in action. 

OLIVER, ROBERT (b 1895), 1911-12 ; Private, Sportsman's Bn., 
R. Fus. ; 2nd Lieut., 12th Bn. Northumberland Fus. 
Missing, reported killed, Loos, 1915. 

OSBORNE, JOHN SYDNEY (b 1892), 1906-9; Capt., 6th Bn. 
H.L.I. Killed at El Rabba, Egypt, Sept. 1916. 

22 Merchiston Castle School 

PAGAN, GEORGE HAIR (b 1892), 1906-10; Edin. Univ.; 
Lieut., 7th Bn. Black Watch. Killed in action, 31st July 

PATON, WILLIAM GEORGE (b 1895), 1909-13; xv.. Gym. 
viii., Prefect; Capt., 10th Bn. Scottish Rifles (Cameronians). 
Wounded (France), Sept. 1915 ; May 1916. Killed in action, 
15th June 1916. 

xv., Prefect, vi. Form; Sandhurst; 2nd Lieut., Gordon 
Highrs. Killed in action, Sept. 1916. 

PURVES, JAMES PHILIP (b 1877), 1893-5; W.S. ; 2nd Lieut. 
A. and S. Highrs. Killed in action, 1918. 

RAMSAY, LEWIS NEIL GRIFFITH (b 1890), 1903-6; Aber- 
deen Univ., M.A., B.Sc. ; Christ's Coll., Camb., B.A. ; 2nd 
Lieut., 3rd Bn. Gordon Highrs. Killed, 1915. 

Db REUTER, Baron HERBERT (b 1878), Modern Languages 
Master, 1909-10; Private, Black Watch. Killed in action 
at Beaumont Hamel, Nov. 1916. 

RITCHIE, ALEXANDER STEWART (b 1889), 1903-4; Lieut., 
Black Watch ; M.C., 1916. Killed in action, 1st Oct. 1918. 

ROBERTS, RUPERT E., Assistant Master (Mathematics), 
1905-12, Capt., O.T.C., 1910-12; Major, 16th Bn. Man- 
chester Regt. Died of wounds received in action near St 
Quentin, March 1918. 

ROBERTSON, CHARLES BOYD (b 1881), 1894-8; Bombdr., 
R.F.A., 1917; 2nd Lieut., R.F.A. (T.). Killed in action, 

ROBERTSON, JAMES (b 1897), 1912-15; 2nd Lieut., 4th Bn. 
H.L.I., attd. 19th Bn. Durham L.I. Died of wounds 
received in action, July 1917. 

ROBERTSON, JOHN STODDART (b 1887), 1903-5; Edin. 
Univ.; Lovat's Scouts (Motor Cyclist Section), 1914; 2nd 
Lieut., Seaforth Highrs. ; Lieut., 7th Bn. Cameron Highrs. 
Killed in action, May 1916. 

RODGER, MATHEW FREER (b 1885), 1900-4; xv., Gym. viii., 
Shooting viii., Prefect, vi. Form, School Capt. ; Corpus 
Christi Coll., Oxford, B.A. ; Edin. Univ., LL.B. ; 2nd Lieut., 
4th Bn. Scottish Rifles. Killed in action, Oct. 1916. 

ROONEY, RICHARD JAMES (b 1882), 1897-1900; xv., Gym. 
viii. ; Lieut., R.E. Died of wounds received in action, 1917. 

Roll of Honour 23 

SANDERSON, HUGH (b 1883), 1897-1900; Capt., 4th Bn. 
K.O.S.B. (T.F.). Reported missing after the fighting at the 
Dardanelles, July 1915. 

xv., Prefect; Capt., 10th Bn. Seaforth Highrs. Wounded, 
April 1917. Killed in action at the Yimy Ridge, April 

SHERIFF, JOHN GEORGE (b 1890), 1904-8; Wadham Coll., 
Oxford, B.A. ; Lieut., 7th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. (T.F.). 
Killed in action, 25th April 1915. 

SIMPSON, JAMES COWIE (b 1885), 1898-1903; xv. ; Capt., 
R.E. Killed in action, 4th Dec. 1916. 

SIMSON, JAMES ROBERT (b 1879), 1892-8; xv., xi. ; 2nd 
Lieut., 2nd Bn. H.L.I., 1900; Lieut., 1902; Capt, 1911 ; 
served with W. African Regt., 1910-12 ; Adj., 5th Bn. H.L.I., 
1913; Major, 1915; Lieut-Col., 5th Bn. K.O.S.B.: mentioned 
in despatches; D.S.O. Wounded, April 1917. Died in 
London of wounds received in action in Gallipoli, 16th Nov. 

SMITH, NORMAN M'NEILL (b 1895), 1909-11; 2nd Lieut., 
21st Bn. Northumberland Fus. Killed in action, July 1916. 

SPEIRS, ANDREW ANDERSON (b 1890), 1903-8; Trooper, 
City of London Yeomanrv ; Camel Corps. Died in Edin- 
burgh, 11th Nov. 1918. 

Sandhurst; Capt., 2nd Bn. H.L.I. ; M.C. Wounded, Nov. 
1916 ; March 1918. Killed in action, 1st Oct, 1918. 

STEVEN, THOMAS GORDON (b 1894), 1909-13; Sergt., H.L.L 
Missing at Martinpuich, 1917 ; later reported killed. 

STEWART, RALPH WALKER (b 1880), 1894-6; Yeomanry; 
Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine; Capt., attd. Black Watch. 
Killed in action, 2nd Sept, 1918. 

STRANG, ROBERT (b 1889), 1904-7; Shooting viii. ; Lieut., 
7th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. Wounded, 1915. Killed in action, 
Nov. 1916. 

STRATHAIRN, H. W., Assistant Master. Classics and English, 
1908-15; 2nd Lieut., Black Watch. Killed in action, Nov. 

STUART, ATHOLL ARCHIBALD (b 1894), 1908-10; 2nd 
Lieut., 10th Bn. (Cyclist) R. Scots; Capt., 1917. Wounded. 
Killed at Passchendaele, 12th Oct 1917. 

24 Merchiston Castle School 

STUART, DAVID AYMERY (b 1896), 1910-12; 2nd Lieut. r 
7th Bn. Cameron Highrs. Wounded (France), Sept. 1915. 
Killed in an aeroplane accident at Turnhouse, 29th Oct. 

SUTHERLAND, ANDERSON (b 1894), 1910-12; Edin. Univ.; 
Lieut,, R.F.A. ; M.C., 1917 ; Major. Died of wounds, Nov. 

SUTHERLAND, GOODWIN (b 1896), 1913-15; Sandhurst; 
2nd Lieut., 2nd Bn. Gordon Highrs. Killed in April 1917. 

TATLOCK, ROBERT REGINALD (b 1889), 1903-5; Lieut., 
R.A.S.C. (T.). Died in hospital at Salonika, 19th June 1916. 

Shooting viii. ; Lieut., 8th Bn. Scottish Rifles (Cameronians).. 
Missing after the fighting at the Dardanelles, July 1915. 

TEMPLETON, GODFREY ALLAN (b 1897), 1911-15; Shooting 
viii. ; 2nd Lieut., A. and S. Highrs. Wounded, 1918. Died of 
wounds, Nov. 1918. 

THOM, JAMES FLOCKHART (b 1893), 1907-10; Lieut., Fife 
and Forfar Yeomanry ; Machine Gun Corps ; M.C. Died of 
wounds received in action near Damascus, 27th Sept. 1918. 

THOMSON, ANDREW WILLIAM (b 1896), 1910-14; Edin. 
Univ., 1914; Private, Public Schools Bn. ; 2nd Lieut., 9th 
Bn. N. Staffs. Regt. Killed in action, June 1917. 

THORNTON, GEORGE MUIR (b 1882), 1896-1901; vi. Form; 
Trinity Coll., Oxford, B.A. ; Edin. Univ., LL.B. ; Advocate ; 
Capt., 10th Bn. Seaforth Highrs. Killed in action, 22nd 
August 1917. 

1910-13 ; Gym. viii. ; 2nd Lieut., 7th Bn. K.O.S.B. Killed in 
action, 25th-27th Sept. 1915. 

TURNBULL, PERCY DOUGLAS (b 1886), 1900-2; Private, 
1st Bn. K.O.S.B. Drowned in the torpedoed transport 
"Royal Edward," at the Dardanelles, August 1915. 

UNDERWOOD, GEORGE MILNE (b 1897), 1911-15; Edin. 
Univ. O.T.C. ; 2nd Lieut., R.A.F. Killed while flying, 
6th March 1917. 

URE, JOHN ANDREW (b 1882), 1895-9 ; Capt., 3rd Bn. A. and 
S. Highrs. Missing, 1914. 

URE, WILLIAM ALAN (b 1894), 1909-14; xv., Gym. viii., 
Prefect, vi. Form; Lieut., R.F.A. (T.); mentioned in de- 
spatches. Died of wounds received in action, Gaza, Palestine., 

Roll of Honour 25 

USHER, JOHN MILNE (b 1885), 1898-1902: 2nd Lieut., 9th 
Bn. Gordon Hisrhrs. Killed in action at Loos, 25th Sept. 

WAUCHOPE, JAMES BOURDILLON (b 1891), 1906-9 ; Shooting- 
viii. ; 2nd Lieut., 4th Bn. Scottish Rifles (Cameronians) r 
1909; 2nd Bn. Middlesex Regt., 1914. Killed in action, 
March 1915. 

WELSH, TOM (b 1879), 1893-8 ; Capt., 5th Bn. K.O.S.B. Killed 
in action at the Dardanelles, 12th July 1915. 

WELSH, TOM (b 1884), 1899-1903; xv., Gym. viii. : Edin. 
Univ., M.B., Ch.B. ; Capt., S. Afr. Medical Corps; M.C. ; 
mentioned in despatches. Wounded while attending wounded 
on the field. Died of wounds, April 1917. 

WHYTE, ALAN HILL (b 1888), 1903-4; 2nd Lieut, A. and S. 
Highrs. Killed in action, April 1917. 

WHYTE, GEORGE HENRY (b 1891), 1906-11; xv. ; Private, 
Artists' Rifles, 1916; 2nd Lieut., R.A.F., 49th Squadron. 
Killed in action, 4th Dec. 1917. 

WHYTE, ROBERT BARBOUR (b 1892), 1906-8; Balliol Coll., 
Oxford, B.A. ; 2nd Lieut., 3rd Bn. Black Watch (S.R.). 
Killed in action in France, 3rd Sept. 1915. 

WHYTT, RICHMOND (b 1874), 1889-91 ; Australian Exp. Force. 
Died of dysentery on board a hospital ship, Nov. 1915. 

WILSON, ALAN HOOD (b 1891), 1904-11 ; xv. (Capt.), Shooting 
viii. (Capt.), Prefect, vi. Form, School Capt.; Pemb. Coll.. 
Camb., B.A., Camb. Univ. xv. ; 2nd Lieut., 6th Bn. Rifle 
Brigade, attd. 1st Bn. Killed in action in France, 15th 
March 1915. 

WORKMAN, CHARLES SERVICE (b 1896), 1910-14; 2nd 
Lieut., 5th Bn. Scottish Rifles (Cameronians); R.A.F. ; M.C, 
1916. Reported wounded and missing, July 1917. Died of 
wounds, Courtrai (German) Hospital, 1917. 

YOUNG, GEORGE WILLIAM (b 1881), 1895-8; Lieut, 4th Bn. 
Black Watch. Died in German hospital, 8th April 1918, of 
wounds received in action, 26th March 1918. 

YOUNGER, ROBIN GOVAN (b 1896), 1911-12; Private, 2/8th 
Bn. Lane. Fus. Missing, 21st March 1918. Died of wounds 
received in action, a prisoner of war, 3rd April 1918. 

26 Merchiston Castle School 

BLACK, E. 0., Lieut., 2nd Bn. Lines. Regt. Missing, 1915. 

BROWNE, HEW EDWARDS, Private, 15th Bn. R. Scots. 
Killed, July 1916. 

FORREST, JOHN WILLIAM, 1902-6; Lovat's Scouts (Motor 
Cyclists) ; Camb. Univ. O.T.C. ; 2nd Lieut., 5th Bn. Seaforth 
Highrs. Killed at Loos, 27th Sept. 1915. 

GALLOWAY, R. M., 2nd Lieut., 7th Bn. R. Scots. Missing- 
after the fighting at the Dardanelles, July 1915. 

GOURLAY, W. N., Capt., Cameron Highrs. Wounded (France), 
Sept. 1915. Died of wounds at Wimereux, 6th July 1917. 

MAXWELL, J. HAMILTON, 1900-6 ; Private, 9th Bn. R. Scots. 
Killed in action, 1915. 



ST GEORGE, GUY S. W., 1897-8 ; Lieut., 1st Bn. Ghurka Rifles. 
Killed in action, 1915. 

SMITH, GEORGE ALAN CAMPBELL, Capt., A. and S. Highrs. ; 
M.C., 1916. Killed in action, 28th Sept. 1918. 


ELSTOB, WILFRITH (b 1888), M.A., Manchester Univ.; Assistant 
Master from 1912-14 ; Private, Public Schools Bn.; 2nd Lieut., 
16th Bn. Manchester Regt, : M.C., 1916 ; D.S.O., 1918 ; twice 
wounded, July 1916; Lieut.-Col., 1918; commanded 16th 
Bn. Manchester Regt. at the battle of St Quentin, at which 
he was presumably killed. Y.C., 1919. 

HARRIS, A., 1914-15 ; Lieut., 6th Bn. Manchester Regt. 
Killed, 1916. 

KENWORTHY, S., 1909-14; Queen's Coll., Oxford, B.A. ; Capt., 
17th Bn. Manchester Regt. ; mentioned in despatches. Killed 
in action at Montauban, 1st July 1916. 

Roll of Honour 27 



Adam, D. Y., 1892-4, Private, R.A.F. 

Adam, R. P., 1904-7, Lieut., 13th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. ; Machine 
Gun Corps; M.C. 

Adam, T. R., 1914-18, Edin. Univ. O.T.C. 

Adams, H. F. W. L., 1901-6; M.B., Ch.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 
Wounded, 1915. 

Airman, C. W., 1904-9; M.B., Ch.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Aikman, T. W., 1900-3, Chief P.O., R.KV.K 

Aitken, J. E., 1910-15, Lieut., K.E. 

Aitken, J. S., 1910-15, 2nd Lieut., R. Scots. Wounded, 1917; 
prisoner of war, 1917. 

Aitken, P. R., 1903-7, 2nd Lieut., R.A.F. 

Aitken, R, G., 1913-17; Sandhurst; 2nd Lieut., 5th Cavalry, 
Indian Army. 

Alexander, H. P., 1909-12, Capt., 11th Bn. Scottish Rifles 
(Cameronians), Labour Corps. 

Alexander, J. H., 1903-8, Sergt., R.A.S.C, Motor Transport. 

Alexander, J. W., 1900-5, Lieut., R.A.S.C. ; M.V.O. 

Alexander U., 1904-9, Lieut., 9th Bn. Northumberland Fus. 
Wounded; M.C. ; Croce di Guerra (Italian). 

Alexander, W., 1898-1901, Capt., 11th Bn. H.L.I., transferred 
to R.E. Wounded (France), Sept. 1915. 

Alexander, W. M., 1909-12, Lieut., R.E. 

Allison, A. D., 1892-5, Lieut., R.A.S.C. 

Allison, J. ; 1908-10, Lieut,, R.A.M.C. 

Anderson, A. H., 1885-91, Hon. Lieut.-Col., R.E. (T.). 

Anderson, D. B., 1885-90, Major, R.E. (T.). 

Anderson, G. W., 1897-9, Lieut., R.A.S.C. 

Anderson, J., 1911-14, Corpl., R.A.Y.C. 

28 Merchiston Castle School 

Annandale, A. J., 1906-10, Lieut., 9th Bn. R. Irish Rifles. 
Wounded, 1916. 

Arthur, D. J., 1902-5, Private, 60th Rifles, Canadian Militia. 

Baird, H. D., 1912-14, Lieut., H.L.I. 

Balfour, J. H., 1910-12, 2nd Lieut., 7th A. and S. Highrs. 

Ballantyne, G. H., 1899-1902, Capt., 8th Bn. R, Scots. 

Ballantyne, J. C, 1908-12, Trooper, London Yeomanry. 

Ballantyne, T. H., 1899-1901, Capt,, Peebleshire Vol. Regt, ; 
War Office mention. 

Balleny, W., 1909-13, Lieut., 9th Bn. Gordon Highrs. Wounded,. 
Sept. 1916; Dec. 1917. 

Barbour, G. B., 1903-6, Red Cross. 

Barclay, Alex., 1891-4, Capt., 124th Canadian Inf., transferred 
to Canadian Engineers. 

Barrie, F., 1911-16, 2nd Lieut,, R.A.F. Prisoner of war, 1917. 

Bartholomew, I., 1903-7, Capt., 3rd Bn. Gordon Highrs. : Staff: 
M.C. ; twice mentioned in despatches. Wounded, July 1916. 

Bartholomew, L. St C, 1911-15, Private, R. Scots; 2nd Lieut. 
H.L.I., Garrison Bn. 

Beatson, R., 1900-3, Private, Australian Exp. Force. Wounded 

Bell-Irving, A., 1870-5, D.S.O. (South Africa), Lieut.-Col., RH.A.; 
D.A.A.G. (ret. pay), 1903 ; War Office mention ; O.B.E. 

Berg, E. R., 1913-17, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Artillery Unit. 

Berry-Hart, J. H. B., 1901-5, 2nd Lieut., 113th Bombay Inf. 

Beverton (Bieberstedt), R. H., 1903-5, Sergt., attd. R.A.F. 

Bingham, D. A., 1875-7, Lieut.-Col., 10th Bn. King's Liverpool 
Regt. ; D.S.O. 

Bisset, J. S., 1895-9, Capt,, R.E. 

Black, A. B., 1882-9, Major, 5th Bn. Middlesex Regt. (T.). 

Black, A. E. O., 1909-12, Capt,, 9th Bn. Gordon Highrs.;. 
mentioned in despatches ; Croix de Guerre (French). 
Wounded, August 1917. 

Black, Rev. W. B., 1901-4, Driver, French Red Cross; Croix 

Blair, A., 1892-7, Lieut., 8th Bn. R. Scots; Lieut., R.A.F. 
(Balloon Section). Wounded, 1915. 

Roll of Honour 29 

Blair, F., 1903-7, Capt., 8th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. 

Blair, J. S., 1909-11, Private, Australian Exp. Force. 

Blair, R., 1901-5, Lieut., R.E. : mentioned in despatches. 
Wounded (Salonika), June 1917. 

Blair, S., 1900-5, Trooper, Lothians and Border Horse, 1914 ; 
2nd Lieut., 20th Hussars, transferred to R.A.F. 

Blyth, H. M., 1905-7; Cadet Bn. ; 2nd Lieut,, K.O.S.B. 
Wounded, 1918. 

Bonar, J. J., 1906-11, Lieut,, 6th Bn. R. Scots. 

Boog-Watson, R. B., 1907-10, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Cadet Bn. 

Bowman, J. A. H., 1906-10, Driver, French Red Cross; Croix 

Breckenridge, A. M'L., 1904-6, Major, R.F.A. (T.). 

Breckenridge, M. W., 1901-2, Major, R.F.A. (T.). Wounded, 
July 1917. 

Breckenridge, W., 1903-5, Major, R.F.A. (T.). Wounded, 1918. 

Broadway, E. E., 1912-14; Sandhurst, 1914; Lieut., 2nd Bn. 
K.O.S.B. ; M.B.E. Wounded, 1915; Oct. 1916 ; April 1917. 

Brown, A. L., 1908-11, Capt, 9th Bn. Scottish Rifles 
(Cameronians) ; M.C. Prisoner of war, 1915. 

Brown, H. C, 1907-11, Lieut., 9th Bn. Scottish Rifles 
(Cameronians); Machine Gun Corps. Wounded, 1918. 

Brown, J. D., 1903-6, Lieut., 8th Bn. K.O.S.B. ; mentioned 
in despatches. Wounded (France), March 1916. 

Brown, J. Murray, 1896-9, Lieut., Army Remount Dept. 

Brown, K. Paterson, 1907-11, Capt., R.A.M.C. ; mentioned in 

Brown, L. A., 1902-7, Private, Princess Patricia of Connaughts 
Light Infantry. Wounded, 1916. 

Bruce, W. M., 1905-8, 2nd Lieut., Gordon Highrs. ; Lieut., King's 
African Rifles. Wounded, March 1916. 

Burn-Callander, A., 1894-8, 2nd Lieut., R.E. 

Burn-Callander, E. A., 1893-7, Private, R.E. 

Burnley-Campbell, H., 1852-7, Colonel, retired, Argyle Vol. 
Regt. ; War Office mention. 

Burn Murdoch, A. A. U., 1886-92, KZ. Rough Riders. 

Burn-Murdoch, H., 1892-6, Major, A. and S. Highrs. 

30 Merchiston Castle School 

Burn-Murdoch, L, 1901-2, Capt., 32nd Sikh Pioneers; men- 
tioned in despatches ; O.B.E. 

Burns, J. W., 1875- , Major, 1st Dragoon Guards. 

Buyers, W. N., 1910-11, Lieut., Gordon Highrs. Prisoner of 
war, 1918. 

Byrne, E. A. E., 1897-1902, Capt., R. Irish Rifles. Wounded, 
July 1916; Aug. 1917. 

Byrom. R. H., 1910-14, Sergt., R.A.M.C. ; 2nd Lieut., R.A.F. 
Wounded (Gaza), Nov. 1917. 

Cadell, H. M., 1904-10, Capt., R.E. ; mentioned in despatches: 
Croix de Guerre (French). 

Calder, J. T., 1901-3, 2nd Lieut., Derbyshire Yeomanry. 

Calderwood, D. B., 1906-10, 2nd Lieut, R.F.A. ; R.A.F. 

Wounded (France), Sept. 1915. 

Cameron, A. G., 1903-8, Lieut., 17th Bn. Manchester Regt. 
Wounded (France), Feb. 1916. 

Cameron, D. M., 1910-14, Lieut., 10th Bn. Seaforth Highrs. 
Wounded; M.C. 

Cameron, J., 1907-10, Capt., 4th Bn. Seaforth Highrs. 

Campbell, I. M., 1910-12, 2nd Lieut., R.F.A. 

Campbell, R. R., 1912-17, 2nd Lieut., R.F.A. 

Carfrae, R., 1913-16, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Artillery Unit. 

Cargill, W. A., 1898-1901, Lieut., R.E. (T.). Wounded, 1918. 

Carmichael, W. M., 1904-8, Capt., 4th Bn. R. Scots; M.C. 
Wounded, 1917. 

Carruthers, P. W., 1902-7; M.B. ; Surgeon, R.N. 

Carslaw, R. M., 1916-18, Edin. Univ. O.T.C. 

Carter, C. B., 1905-8, 2nd Lieut., 1st Newfoundland Regt, 
Wounded (Dardanelles), Oct. 1915. 

Caven, R. J., 1909-11, Lieut., H.L.I. ; Acting Capt., K.O.S.B. : 

Chalmers, T. C, 1906-9, 2nd Lieut., Ayrshire Yeomanry. 

Charteris, J., 1891-2, Brig.-Gen., R.E. ; Staff; C.M.G. ; D.S.O. ; 
five times mentioned in despatches ; Croix de Guerre 
(Belgian); Order of the Crown (Belgian); Order of the 
Rising Sun (Japan) ; Distinguished Service Medal (American). 
Wounded, 1918. 

Clark, A. L., 1913-15, 2nd Lieut., Highland Cyclist Bn. 

Roll of Honour 31 

Clark, T. G., 1909-1 4, Capt., 7th Bn. R. Scots. Seriously 
injured in the Gretna railway accident, 1915. 

Clarkson, R. M., 1911-14. Capt,, 4th Bn. H.L.L, attd. 4th 
Bn. Inniskilling Fus. Wounded, July 1916 ; 1918. 

Clow, W. M., 1905-10, Lieut,, H.L.I. 

Cochrane, P., 1906-9, 2nd Lieut., 8th Hussars; R.A.F 

Cockburn, R. W., 1893-7, 2nd Lieut,, Edin. Vol. Regt. 

Conacher, H., 1892-1900, Captain, unattached: War Office 
work in France. 

Connell, E. H., 1888-92, Private, R.A.M.C. 

Connell, T. B., 1886-9, 2nd Lieut,, Sialkot Cavalry; interpreter. 

Considine, A. E., 1908-14, Lieut, 13th Bn. R. Scots; M.C., with 
Bar. Wounded (France), Sept. 1915. 

Considine, H. H., 1902-5, 2nd Lieut., R.G.A. 

Cook, J. W., 1912-17, Officers" Cadet Bn. ; R.G.A. 

Cook, W. L., 1896-1900, Capt,, 4th Bn. Gordon Highrs. ; trans- 
ferred to Admiraltv : Order of St Anne (Russian). Wounded. 

Corstorphine, E. E., Edin. Univ. O.T.C. ; 2nd Lieut., A. and S. 

Cousin, J. Drysdale, 1905-8, 2nd Lieut,, 4th Bn. H.L.L 

Wounded, 1917. 
Cousin, W. G., 1905-8, Private, R. Scots Fus. Wounded, April 

Cowan, A. F., 1900-4: M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Cowan, I. C, 1905-8, Capt,, 15th Bn. H.L.L: Staff; M.C. : 
D.S.O. ; Croix de Guerre (Belgian). 

Cowie, D., 1913-17 : R.M.A., Woolwich; 2nd Lieut., R.E. 

Cowie, H. M'C, 1884-91, Major, R.E. 

Craig, E. E., 1882-9, Capt., R.A.S.C 

Craig, Sir James, Bart., 1882-7 : M.P. : Lieut. -Col., Territorial 
Force Reserve. 

Craig, W. H., 1914-16 ; Sandhurst; 2nd Lieut., 3rd Bn. A. and S. 

Craig-Brown, C, 1889-93, Lieut,, Roxburgh and Selkirk Vol. 

Craig-Brown, E., 1884-7, Lieut.-Col., 1st Bn. Cameron Highrs. : 
Brig.-Gen. ; Staff; D.S.O. (1915); five times mentioned in 
despatches ; Order of Danilo (Montenegrin). 

32 Merchiston Castle School 

Cullen, W., 1900-2; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M C. 

Cullens, J., 1916-18, Edin. Univ. O.T.C. 

Cumming, J., 1903-8, Capt., Arab Rifles; mentioned in despatches. 

Cunningham, J. G., 1909-13, Capt., R.G.A., 108th Siege Battery.; 
mentioned in despatches ; Croix de Guerre (Belgian). 

Darling, J. W., 1904-7; M.B.; Capt., R.A.M.C.; M.C. Wounded, 

Davidson, G. S., 1906-10; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. • Order of 
St Sava (Serbian). 

Davidson, J. D., 1907-10, 2nd Lieut., A. and S. Highrs. ; Lieut., 
Durham L.L Wounded, 1915; August 1917. 

Davidson, T., 1905-10, Capt., Cameron Highrs., transferred to 
R.A.F. Prisoner of war, June 1917. 

Davidson, W. C, 1903-5; M.B.; Capt., R.A.M.C. (S.R.); mentioned 
in despatches ; War Office mention. 

Davies, D., 1892-9 ; M.P. ; Lieut.-Col., 14th Bn. R. Welsh Fus. 

Dick, N. A., 1897-1900, Lieut., 7th Bn. R. Scots. 

Dickson, A. L., 1897-9, Capt., 4th Bn. K.O.S.B. 

Dixon, A. P., 1905-7, 2nd Lieut., 12th Bn. King's Liverpool Regt. 
Wounded, April 1916; Aug. 1916. 

Dobie, J. B. P., 1904-5, Lieut., 5th Bn. R. Scots. Wounded, 
Oct. 1916. 

Donald, J. A., 1907-10, Lieut., H.L.L 

Donaldson, G. V., 1911-14, Lieut., 7th Bn. Black Watch. 
Wounded (France), June 1916. 

Dowden, J. W., 1878-85, Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Drybrough, D. N., 1904-7, Capt., 6th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. ; 2nd 
Lieut., R.A.F. Wounded (France), Nov. 1915. 

Duffus, E. J., 1876-81, Lieut.-Col, R.F.A. ; C.B., 1915; twice 
mentioned in despatches. 

Duffus, F. F., 1883-8, Lieut.-Col., R.A.S.C. ; C.M.G. ; three times 
mentioned in despatches. 

Duffus, G. S., 1874-8, Col., R.A. 

Duke, A. W., 1907-11, Capt., 5th Bn. Black Watch. Wounded, 

Duke, R. N., 1907-12, Capt., 8th Bn. Black Watch ; Staff; M.C. ; 
D.S.O ; three times mentioned in despatches. Wounded, 

Roll of Honour 33 

Duncan, A. W., 1894-1900, Capt., Grenada Vol. Force. 

Duncan, C. R., 1909-10, Lieut., 13th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. ; 
transferred R.A.S.C. 

Duncan, G. W., 1908-11, Capt., 8th Bn. Seaforth Highrs; M.C. ; 
mentioned in despatches. 

Dunlop, R. W. B., 1903-8, Calcutta Scottish; Lieut., 2nd Bn. 
76th Punjabis. 

Dunn, J. Petrie, 1891-2, Private, 4th Bn. R. Scots. 

Durward, C. C, 1905-7, 2nd Lieut., R.G.A. 

Durward, R. C, 1906-7, Gunner, Hon. Artillery Co. 

Elder, G. E. P., 1911-15, Lieut., R.A.F. 

Elliot, F. M., 1912-16, 2nd Lieut., 3rd Bn. A. andS. Highrs. ; M.C. 

Elliot, J. S., 1898-1900; M.B. ; Surgeon-Lieut., R.N. 

Evans, W. E., 1895-1901, Lieut., R.A.M.C. 

Exner, W. L., 1908-11, Red Cross. 

Fairbairn, W. R. D., 1902-7, Lieut., R.G.A. (T.). 

Fairweather, A. M., 1911-14, 2nd Lieut., N. Staffs. Regt.; 
Lieut., Loyal JS T . Lanes. Regt. Wounded, Oct. 1916; Aug. 

Fairweather, A. S., 1909-11, Private, 4th Bn. Black Watch. 

Falconer, I. C, 1907-11, Lieut., R. Scots; M.C. Wounded, 
April 1917. 

Fasson, F. H., 1888-96, Capt., Scottish Horse; mentioned in 
despatches ; War Office mention. 

Fasson, R. R., 1888-94; M.B. ; Surgeon Lieut.-Comdr., R.N. 

Fenelon, K. G., 1912-15, Edin. Univ. O.T.C. ; Capt., RE. (T.). 

Ferme, J., 1899-1902, Private, 3rd Bn. R. Scots. 

Findlay, H. C, 1908-12, Capt., King's African Rifles; M.C. 
Wounded, 1918 (second occasion). 

Findlay, R. S, 1913-16, Edin. Univ. O.T.C. ; 2nd Lieut., R. Scots 
Fus.; M.C. Wounded, 1918. 

Forman, A. N., 1902-7, 2nd Lieut., R.E ; M.C. ; Croix de Guerre 

Forman, G. E. Grant, 1907-11, Capt., Black Watch; Staff; 
mentioned in despatches. 

Forman, R., 1907 12, Capt., 11th Bn. R. Scots; Machine Gun 
Corps ; mentioned in despatches. 


34 Merchiston Castle School 

Forman, R. H., 1868- , Col., R.A.M.C. 

Forsyth, G., 1901-3, R.F.A. 

Forsyth, Robert W., 1913-17, 2nd Lieut., R.G.A. (T.) 

Forsyth, S., 1895-1900, Lieut., A. and S. Highrs. 

Foster, A. W., 1871-2, Lieut-Col., Territorial Force Reserve. 

Foster, H. A., 1871-2, Hon. Col., R.F.A. (T.). 

Fraser, A., 1905-10, 2nd Lieut., R.A.S.C., transferred R.A.F. 

Fraser, J. A., 1912-16, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Artillery Unit. 

Fraser, N. W., 1883-9, D.S.O. (South Africa); Major, 11th Bn. 
W. Riding Regt. 

Freer, A. O., 1892-7, Private, Scots Guards. 

Fullerton, J., 1903-6, Driver, Red Cross Ambulance. 

Fulton. D., 1898-1900, Major, 3rd Light Horse, Australian 
Imperial Forces. 

Fulton, J. D., 1901-6, Capt., 26th Punjabis; M.C. ; mentioned 
in despatches; Order of the Lion and the Sun (Persian). 

Fulton, J. S., 1903-7, Capt., 2nd Bn. Lane. Fus. ; Staff; O.B.E. 
Wounded, 1915. 

Gaitskell, G. H., 1898-1901, Sergt., 1st Canadian Contingent. 

Ganson, R. J. H., 1912-13, 2nd Lieut., Gordon Highrs. (T.). ; 
2nd Lieut., R.A.F. 

Gardiner, H., 1914-17, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Engineer Unit. 

Gardiner, R. W., 1907-10, Capt., R.F.A. Wounded, 1917. 

Garriock, F. E., 1895-8, Lieut., R.F.A. (T.). 

Garson, I. G. M., 1910-12, Lieut., R. Scots Fus., Garrison Bn. 

G arson, P. C, 1910-14, 2nd Lieut., Gordon Highrs. Wounded, 
August 1917. 

Gavin, A. G. D., 1907-9, Lieut., R.A.F.; D.S.O. 

Geddes, Sir ti. C, 1892, First Lord of the Admiralty; K.C.B. ; 
K.C.M.G. ; G.B.E. ; mentioned in despatches ; Croix de Guerre 

Geikie, G. R., 1899-1902, 2nd Lieut., R.N.V.R. 

Geikie, J. S., 1888-93; M.B. ; Surgeon-Lieut., R.N.V.R. 

Gibbons, J. H., 1910-13, Flight Officer. R.N. Air Service. 

Gibson, H. J. C, 1902-4; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Gidden, T., 1912-14, 2nd Lieut., 7th Bn. Cameron Highrs. 

Roll of Honour 35 

<2ifford, P. B., 1890-1, Capt., 5th Bn. K.O.S.B., attd. R, Scots, 
Garrison Bn. 

Glover, J. D., 1911-15, Lieut., R. Scots. 

-Goldie-Scot, A. M. G., 1874- , Capt., 5th Bn. K.O.S.B. 

•Goodhue, F. W. J., 1880-5, Sergt., 23rd Bn. R. Fus. 

Gordon, E. F. S., 1907-12 ; M.B. ; Surgeon-Lieut., R.K 

Gordon, J. H., 1906-8, Lieut., A. and S. Highrs. 

Gossip, R. G., 1911-12, Capt., R.G.A. (T.). 

Gourlay, G. B., 1909-13, Lieut.-Col., 9th Bn. Gordon Highrs. ; 
M.C. ; three times mentioned in despatches ; Croix de Guerre 
(French). Wounded (France), Feb. 1916; Aug. 1916. 

Gourlay, K. I., 1905-9, Capt., R.E. ; M.C. ; D.S.O. • three times 
mentioned in despatches. 

Gourlay, R. M., 1913-17, 2nd Lieut., 10th Bn. Manchester Regt. 

Graham, T., 1890-1, 2nd Lieut., 10th Bn. R. Fus. 

Grant, A. D., 1905-9, Lieut., Black Watch. 

Grant, C. E., 19024, Capt., 10th Bn. Scottish Rifles 
(Cameronians) ; M.C. ; twice mentioned in despatches. 
Wounded (France), March 1916; May 1916; Oct. 1916. 

Grant, E. J. R., 1897-1902, Edin. Motor Corps. 

Grant, J. M., 1899-1902, 

Grant, W. H., 1910-14, Private, R. Fus. 

Gray, A., 1911-12, Private, H.L.L 

Gray, A. F., 1908-13, Lieut., H.L.L, tranferred to 36th Machine 
Gun Corps ; M.C. 

Gray, A. P., 1910-12, Trooper, Lothians and Border Horse. 

Gray, Sir H. M. W., 1884-8; M.B. ; Lieut.-Col., Army Medical 
Service ; C.M.G. ; K.B.E. ; twice mentioned in despatches. 

Gray, L. T. M., 1906-7, Lieut., 8th Bn. R. Scots. 

Gray, M. H., 1908-10, Lieut., H.L.L 

Greenfield, J. G., 1896-1902; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C, attd. 
Cameronians. Wounded, April 1917. 

Greenfield, T. C, 1906-11, Lieut., R.E. (T.). Wounded (France), 
Nov. 1915. 

Greenlees, D. C, 1882-7, Capt,, 4th Bn. Dorsetshire Regt. 

Greig, J. M'G., 1898-9, Major, Transvaal Scottish. 

36 Merchiston Castle School 

Greig, Louis, 1896-8; M.B. j Staff-Surgeon, H.M.S. "Malaya"; 
M.V.O. Prisoner of war in Holland, 1915; repatriated, July 
1915; Wing-Commander, R.A.F., 1918. 

Grieve, A. M'L., 1901-7, Capt., 3rd Bn. Black Watch, attd. 1st 
Bn. Gordon Highrs. Wounded. 

Grieve, J. J., 1901-5, Capt., 3rd Bn. R. Scots Fus. Twice 
wounded, 1915. 

Griffiths, F. G., 1908-10, Lieut., 3rd Bn. R. Scots Fus. Wounded,. 
July 1916. 

Guild, J., 1893-5, Capt., 9th Bn. K.O.S.B. Wounded, Jan. 1917, 

Guise, J. D., 1885-92, Calcutta Scottish. 

Guise, P. S., 1896-9, Capt., Scottish Horse; Order of the White 
Eagle (Serbian). 

Guthrie, D. W., 1887-8, Lieut., Recruiting Work. 

Haig, A. N., 1888-92; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Hamilton, J. L., 1906-9, Capt., 14th Bn. Middlesex Regt. 

Hamilton, J. W., 1903-5, 2nd Lieut., 9th Bn. H.L.I. 

Hamilton, J. Wyllie, 1888-90, Major, R.A. (T.). 

Hammond, E., 1911-14, Trooper, Glamorgan Yeomanry. 

Hardte, G. B., 1913-17, Officers' Cadet Bn. ; 2nd Lieut., Scottish. 
Rifles (Cameronians). Wounded, 1918. 

Hardie, J. S., 1911-14, Capt., 6th Bn. Scottish Rifles 
(Cameronians) ; mentioned in despatches. Wounded, 1915. 

Harmsworth, G. A., 1903-5, Trooper, Royal Bucks Hussars (T.). 

Harrison, A., 1903-7, Lieut., 7th Bn. R. Scots; Machine Gun 

Harrison, J., 1901-4, Capt., 4th Bn. K.O.S.B. Wounded (Dar- 
danelles), 1915. 

Hay, S., 1890-2, Major, Cameron Highrs.; D.S.O. ; twice 
mentioned in despatches. Wounded (Dardanelles), 1915. 

Hayward, J. S., 1884-6, 2nd Lieut.. Roxburgh and Selkirk Vol. 

Heath, J. T., 1901-2, Capt., R.E. ; M.C. (1915); mentioned in 


Hedderwick, Cedric, 1911-15, Lieut., R.E. (T.); mentioned in 

Hedderwick, Cyril, 1911-15, Lieut., R.E. (T.) ; mentioned in 

Heggie, C I., 1908-11, Lieut., Black Watch. Wounded, 1918. 

Roll of Honour 37 

Henderson, J. R., 1909-13, Capt., 10th Bn. R. Scots; M.C., with 
Bar. Wounded, 1917. 

Henderson, S. B., 1902-5, Cadet, R.A.F. 

Hendrick, C. A., 1915-16; Sandhurst; 2nd Lieut., 41st 
Dogras, LA. 

Hendry, R., 1891-3, Capt., 9th Bn. R. Scots. 

Hepburn, D. E., 1912-14, Private, Black Watch. 

Hepworth, P. W. G., 1904-5, Trooper, 1st King Edward's Horse; 
2nd Lieut., R. Welsh Fus. Wounded, 1918. 

Hewan, J. N., 1907-11, Inns of Court O.T.C. : 2nd Lieut., 

Hinxman, A. D., 1913-17, 2nd Lieut., R.G.A. 

Hockly, T. W., 1888-95, Private, Calcutta Scottish. 

Hodgart, H. M., 1904-7, Major, R.E. (T.). 

Hodgart, J., 1905-9, Lieut, R.F.A. (T.) ; M.C. 

Holland, C. E., 1891- , Lieut., R.N.R. 

Holland, C. G., 1891-5, Chaplain to the Forces. 

Holland, E. L., 1891-7; M.D. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. ; Surgical 
Specialist to 20th Gen. Hospital in France. 

Holland, F. A., 1892-8, Lieut., Motor Transport, R.A.S.G 

Holland, L., 1889-94 5 Major, Seaforth Highrs. ; Staff; D.S.O. ; 
five times mentioned in despatches ; War Office mention ; 
Brevet Lieut. -Col. ; Order of the W T hite Eagle (Serbian). 

Holmes, H. A., 1911-12, 2nd Lieut., R. Fus. Wounded, August 

Hood, N. C, 1904-6, 2nd Lieut., 10th Bn. King's Liverpool Regt. 

Hourston, W. E. G, 1912-14, Capt., 2nd Bn. H.L.I. ; M.C. 

Houston, A. M., 1881- , Major, 69th Punjabis; Order of St 
Stanislas (Russian). 

Houston, E., 1876-80, Colonel, R.E. 

Howatson, J. B., 1898-1900, Mechanic, Australian Flying Corps. 

Hume, J. W., 1903-5, Lieut., 7th Bn. R. Irish Fus. 

Hume, N. D., 1914-17, Cadet, R.N. Air Service. 

Hunter, D. M., 1904-6 ; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. ; M.C. ; mentioned 
in despatches. 

Hunter, E. E., 1904-6, Capt., R.F.A. Wounded, Sept. 1916. 

Hunter, H. C, 1902-3, 2nd Lieut., R.F.A. 

38 Merchiston Castle School 

Hunter, J. H. G., 1904-8; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Hunter, N. I., 1902-5, Capt,, 15th Bn. H.L.I. ; Order of the 
Crown (Italian). Wounded, July 1916; Sept. 1916. 

Hutchison, C. R. M., 1905-11, Major, R.F.A. ; M.C. ; D.S.O., with 
Bar ; twice mentioned in despatches. Wounded, 1915 ;. 
Sept. 1916; August 1917. 

Hutchison, D. A., 1901-6, Capt., E.E. 

Inman, W. C, 1901-2, Lieut., 15th Bn. R. Scots; M.C 

Irvin, D., 1907-9, 2nd Lieut., 16th Bn. Northumberland Fus. 

Jack, A. C, 1912-16, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Artillery Unit. 

Jack, F. C, 1908-13, Major, R.F.A. ; Staff; M.C, with Bar: 
D.S.O. ; twice mentioned in despatches. Wounded, 1918. 

Jack, J. L., 1895-7, Major, 1st Bn. Scot. Rifles (Cameronians) ;. 
Lieut.-Col., 2nd Bn. W. Yorks. Regt. ; D.S.O., with Bar ; twice 
mentioned in despatches ; Legion of Honour (French). 
Wounded, August 1917. 

Jamieson, A. W., 1889-91, Lieut.-Col., R.G.A. (Quebec). 

Jardine, E. I. W., 1898-1901, Capt., 17th Bn. Canadian Seaforths,. 
transferred to R.E. 

Johnstone, N. A. P., 1913-14, 9th Officers' Cadet Bn. ; 2nd Lieut. r 
4th Bn. Black Watch (T.). 

Jones, G. W., 1879-83, Lieut. -Col., New Brunswick Artillery. 

Kay, R, 1896-1901, Lieut., Lowland Heavy Batterv, R.G.A. (T.)_ 
Wounded, July 1916. 

Kellie, G. J. D., 1901-6, Lieut., R. Irish Fus., transferred to* 
30th Punjabis; Staff Capt. Wounded (India), Oct. 1915. 

Kelso, W. S., 1893-6, 2nd Lieut., Coldstream Guards. 

Kennedy, J. D., 1903-5, Private, H.L.I. Wounded, July 1916. 

Kkr, H. T., 1879-83, Major, R.E. ; Staff of Civil Engineer in-Chief, 

Admiralty : mentioned in despatches ; O.B.E. 

Ker, K. M., 1907-12, Lieut., R.A.S.C, attached to 3rd Bm 
S. Stafford Regt. ; E. Kent Regt. (Buffs). Wounded, 1918. 

Kincaid, R. G., 1906-9, Capt., R.E. 

Kinmont, G. M., 1913, 2nd Lieut., Scots Guards. 

Kirk, H. R., 1914-17, Lance-Cpl., A. and S. Highrs. 

Kirk, L. D., 1909-12, Lieut., 7th Bn. Seaforth Highrs; R.A.K 
Wounded, July 1916 ; prisoner of war, 1918. 

Kirkpatrick, H. V., 1902-4, 2nd Lieut., R.F.A. 

Roll of Honour 39 

Kirkwood, J. D., 1899-1903, Lieut., 17th Bn. Manchester Regt. 

Knox, J., 1894-8, 2nd Lieut, R.G.A. 

Knox, W., 1899-1902, 2nd Lieut., R. Scots Fus. 

Laidlaw, A. W., 1909-13, 2nd Air Mechanic, R.A.F. 

Lamb, J., 1914-18, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Infantry Unit. 

Lamb, R., 1895-9, Lieut., Indian Army Reserve of Officers, 
attd. to 39th Gharwal Inf. 

Lamb, W. W., 1898-1900, Cpl., R.A.S.C, Motor Transport. 

Lambert, C. D., 1906-9, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Artillery Unit. 

Lamont, J. W. F., 1883-8, Lieut.-Col., R.H.A. ; C.B. ; C.M.G. : 
D.S.O. ; four times mentioned in despatches. 

Latimer. S. J. M., 1915-16, 2nd Lieut., R.F.A. 

Lauder, D. M., 1912-15, 2nd Lieut., 8th Bn. Manchester Regt 

Law, E. W., 1896-9, Lieut., R.A.S.C. 

Lawson, G. M., 1902-6, Private, R. Fus. Wounded, April 1917. 

Lawson, J., 1904-8; M.B. : Capt,, R.A.M.C. (S.R.) ; mentioned 
in despatches. 

Lawson, J. I., 1904-7 ; M.B. ; Capt, R.A.M.C. (S.R,). Wounded. 
Nov. 1916; 1918. 

Lawson, R. W., 1900-2, Capt, 6th Bn. H.L.I. ; M.C. 

Lawson, W. S., 1907-12, Lieut., 7th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. ; R.A.F 

Lay, A. H., 1908-12, Private, 14th Bn. London Regt. (London 
Scottish). Wounded, 1915. 

Leebody, J. G., 1914-18, Cadet, R.A.F. 

Lewis, E. H., 1888-9, Major, 8th Bn. Hampshire Regt. 

Lightbody, T., 1905-7, Lieut, R.E. (T.). 

Lightbody, W. A., 1913-14, 2nd Lieut, R.G.A. (T.). 

Lindsay, R. M., 1904-9, Capt, R.F.A. 

Livingstone, J. W., 1890-2, R.A.S.C. 

Lockhart, R. B., 1906-9, Capt, Highland Cyclist Bn. 

Lodge, W. J., 1903-4, Lieut -Col., 15th Bn. R, Scots. 

Logan, J.. 1908-13, Capt., 4th Bn. R. Scots : Machine Gun Corps : 

Longmuir, A., 1905-7, Lieut, 4th Bn. R. Scots Fus. ; mentioned 
in despatches. 

40 Merchiston Castle School 

Longmuik, A. B., 1909-11, Lieut., R.F.A. (T.). Wounded, 
Sept. 1916. 

Longton, K. D., 1904-7, Trooper, Scottish Horse. 

Low, W. Bruce, 1906-7, 2nd Lieut., 9th Bn. R. Scots. 

Luke, J., 1904-9, Major, 6th Bn. R. Dublin Fus. Wounded 
(Dardanelles), August 1915; Sept. 1916; 1918. 

Lumsden, J., 1902-4, Trooper, Surma Valley Light Horse, India. 

Lusk, J. P., 1894-1902; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. ; M.C. 

Lyle, R. H., 1901-4, Sergt., Inns of Court O.T.C. 

Lyon, J. M., 1896-7, Lieut., Lanarkshire Yeomanry. Wounded. 

Lytle, J. H., 1890-1, Capt., R.A.F. 

M'Afee, D. J., 1899-1903; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

M'Afee, W. G., 1899-1903; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

M'Caig, A. N., 1911-15; Woolwich; 2nd Lieut., R.G.A., 67th 
Siege Battery. 

M'Call, W., 1888-91, Major, 3rd Bn. K.O.S.B. 

M'Callum, J. W., 1911-12, Private, 9th Bn. H.L.I. 

M'Carthy, D'A. L., 1886-9, Lieut.-Col., Toronto Light Horse. 

M'Cleery, J. M., 1911-14, 2nd Lieut., R.N. Air Service. 

M'Credie, J., 1911-14, Lieut., Black Watch; mentioned in 

M'Crone, R. W., 1907-9, Lieut., R.E. ( r l\); M.C; mentioned 
in despatches ; Croix de Guerre (French). 

Macdonald, C. L., 1895-1900, Capt., 17th Bn. Manchester 
Regt; Lieut.-Col., 19th Bn. Manchester Regt. ; D.S.O., with 
Bar ; mentioned in despatches. 

M'Donald, D. R., 1916-18, Edin. Univ. O.T.C. 

M'Donald, W., 1909-14, Lieut., 4th Bn. H.L.I. ; War Office 
mention. Wounded, May 1916. 

M'Dougall, James, 1898-9, Lance-Corpl., 2nd Bn. 1st Australian 
Infantry Brigade. Wounded (Dardanelles), Aug. 1915. 

M'Dougall, J. G., 1898-1900, Capt., Seaforth Hi<rhrs. Wounded, 
May 1918. 

M'Dowall, C. F., 1893-9; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

M'Dowall, J. H., 1893-7; M.B. ; Staff-Surgeon, R.N. 

Macparlane, P. C, 1890-2, Colonel. 

M'George, J., 1903-6, Capt., 5th Bn. K.O.S.B. Wounded, 1918. 

Roll of Honour 41 

M'Gown, Jackson, 1892-4, Lieut., Army Ordnance Dept. ; M.C. 

M'Gown, T. M. W., 1889-94, Major, Army Ordnance Dept. : 

M'Gregor, H. D. L., 1914-16 ; Sandhurst; 2nd Lieut., Cameron 

M'Gregor, James, 1904-7, Nigerian Field Force. 

Macgregor, J. R., 1905-10, Capt., 5th Bn. R. Scots Fus. 

M'Gregor, M. J. H., 1911-16: Sandhurst: Lieut., 3rd Bn. 
K.O.S.B.; M.C. 

Macgregor, R. F. D., 1901-3; M.B. ; Capt., Indian Medical 
Service; M.C; mentioned in despatches. 

M'Gregor, R. J., 1909-14, Lieut., K.O.S.B. Wounded, 1918. 

Macgregor, W. A., 1908-11, Lieut., R.A.V.C. 

Mackay, A. S., 1905-9, Capt., 1st Bn. 7th Ghurka Rifles; M.C. : 
mentioned in despatches. 

Mackay, G. R. E. G., 1899-1902 ; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. : M.C, 
with Bar ; Bronze Medal for Valour (Italian). 

Mackay, G. S., 1908-14, Capt,, 3rd Bn. Cameron Highrs. 
Wounded, 1915. Transferred to Indian Army. 

Mackay, J. R. S., 1901-5; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Mackay, M. S., 1912-16, 2nd Lieut., R.A.F. ; Distinguished 
Flying Cross. 

Mackay, T. I. S., 1902-6, Lieut., R.E., Madras Sappers and 

Mackean, N. M., 1876-9, Major, 6th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. 

Mackenzie, A. D., 1904-7, Capt., R.E. (T.); O.B.E. 

Mackenzie, A. L. N., 1907-11, 2nd Lieut., King's Royal Rifle 
Corps. Wounded, Sept. 1916. 

M'Kenzie, A. W., 1911-12, Lieut., 4th Bn. R. Scots Fus. 
Wounded, July 1916. 

Mackenzie, F. S., 1902-7, Lieut., R. Scots. 

Mackenzie, J., 1889-94; CLE.; Major, 35th Sikhs; Controller 
of Viceroy of India's Household. 

Mackenzie, J. H., 1890-3, Lieut.-Col., 2nd Bn. R. Scots; Staff: 
C.M.G. ; D.S.O. ; 5 times mentioned in despatches : Military 
Order of Aviz (Portuguese). 

42 Merchiston Castle School 

Mackenzie, J. M., 1906-8, Gunner, N.Z.F.A. Wounded (Dar- 
danelles), Aug. 1915. 

Mackenzie, W. F., 1890-7, Major, 3rd Bn. Seaforth Highrs. 
Wounded, 1915. 

M'Kersie, W. M., 1899-1904, Lieut., H.L.I. ; M.C. 

Mackie, T. F., 1913-16, 2nd Lieut., R.E. 

Mackintosh, H. C, 1910-13, Capt., 7th Bn. Black Watch; M.C. 

Maclachlan, T. K., 1909-14, Lieut., 8th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. 
Wounded, April 1916. 

M'Laren, A. E., 1886-93, 2nd Lieut., 6th Bn. K Staffs. Regt. 

M'Laren, A. I., 1902-6, Lieut., R.F.A. ; M.C. 

M'Lean, A. M'C., 1906-8, Lieut. 

M'Lellan, M., 1911-16 ; Sandhurst ; 2nd Lieut., 3rd Bn. K.O.S.B. 
Wounded, 1918. 

Macmillan, J. J., 1881-6, Lieut., K.O.S.B., attd. R. Warwick. 

Macmillan, R., 1880-2, 2nd Lieut., K.O.S.B. 

M'Millan, W. S., 1898-1903, Capt., Field Telegraphs, Indian 
Exp. Force ; twice mentioned in despatches. 

Macnab, J., 1903-8, 2nd Lieut., 2nd Bn. A. and S. Highrs. 

Macnaughton, A. I., 1912-17, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Artillery Unit. 

Macnaughton, F. G., 1905-9 ; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. Wounded, 
July 1917. 

M'Nee, J., 1906-9, Private, 6th Bn. Black Watch. 

M'Vean, A. H. G., 1888-92, Private, 18th Bn. Canadian Ex- 
peditionary Force. 

M'Whirter, J. J., 1903-4, Lieut., 26th Bn. R. Fus. ; M.C. 
Wounded, June 1917. 

M'William, A. R., 1908-12, Capt., R.E. (T.); mentioned in 

M'William, I., 1903-6, Major, R.E. (T.). Wounded, July 1916. 

M'William, J. E., 1913-17, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Artillery Unit. 

Malcolm, G. L., 1906-10, Lieut., 3rd Bn. A. and S. Highrs. 
Wounded, Sept. 1916. 

Malcolm, H. C, 1900-3, Ulster Volunteers. 

Mansergii, R. F., 1912-14, Capt., 17th Bn. Manchester Regt.; 
M.C. Wounded, 1918. 

Roll of Honour 4& 

Marburg, C. L. H., 1903-9, Capt., 9th Bn. R. Scots. Wounded, 

Marshall, A. 0., 1904-9, Bombay Volunteer Rifles. 

Marshall, C. 0., 1909-12, 2nd Lieut., 10th Bn. Northumberland 
Fus. Prisoner of war. 

Marshall, G. L., 1902-4, Lieut., 48th Canadian Highrs. 

Martin, M. L., 1901-6, Lieut., 16th Bn. R. Scots. 

Matthews, N. S., 1898-9, Private, 7th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. 

May, J. M., 1906-10, Lieut., 7th Bn. W. Yorks. Begt. 

Meikle, R. M., 1898-1901, Major, Grenadier Guards. 

Melville, E. P. A., 1894-5, Capt., 23rd Sikh Pioneers; O.B.E. 

Metcalfe, G. A., 1910-14, Driver, British Motor Ambulance in 
Italy; 2nd Lieut., R. Irish Rifles; Bronze Medal for Valour 

Millar, T. T., 1909-11, 2nd Lieut., R.G.A. 

Miller, A. W., 1908-13, Lieut., R.E. (T.); R.A.F. Wounded, 
Sept. 1916 ; prisoner of war, 1918. 

Miller, J. G., 1905-7, Capt., R.F.A. 

Miller, R. M., 1905-10, Capt., 5th Bn. H.L.L Wounded 

(Dardanelles), 1915; prisoner of war, Sept. 1918. 

Milne, G. S., 1899-1904, Capt., 4th Bn. Scottish Rifles 
(Cameronians) ; Order of Aviz (Portuguese). 

Milne, R., 1898-1900, Lieut., P. W. 0. Yorkshire Regt. 

Milne, W. H., 1901-5, Lieut., 5th Bn. H.L.I. Wounded 
(Dardanelles), Dec. 1915. 

Mitchell, A. S. W., 1914-15, 3rd Air Mechanic, R.A.F. 

Mitchell, A. W. S., 1904-6, Capt., 7th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. : 
M.C. Wounded, 1915; April 1917. 

Mitchell, H. (J.), 1912-16, Lieut., R.A.F. 

Mitchell, J. M'M., 1895-8, Major, 17th Bn. H.L.L Wounded, 
July 1916. 

Mitchell, S. W., 1910-13, 2nd Lieut., 12th Bn. R. Scots. 

Mitchell, T. G., 1911-16, Lieut., 409th (Lowland) Field Coy., 
R.E. ; mentioned in despatches. 

Mitchell, T. S., 1898-1902, Lieut., Motor Machine Gun Corps. 

Mitchell, W. B., 1911-15, Lieut., R.E. (T.) 

44 Merchiston Castle School 

Moffat, A. M'R., 1907-9, Lieut., 7th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. 
R.A.F. ; Legion of Honour (French). 

Mollison, J. P. D., 1905-10, Lieut., Lanarkshire Yeomanry. 

Moon, W., 1901-3, 2nd Lieut., R.E. (T.). 

Morton, A., 1892-5, 2nd Lieut., W. Kent Yeomanry. 

Morton, H., 1892-7, Rifleman, 16th London Regt. (Queen's 
Westminster Rifles). 

Mowat, F. D., 1900-2, Lieut. -Comdr., R.N. 

Muir, J. C, 1891-3, 2nd Lieut., 8th Bn. Cameron Highrs., 
attd. 1st Seaforth Highrs. 

Muir, J. J. J., 1890-1, Capt., 10th Bn. Cheshire Regt. 

Muir, W. K, 1884-9, Driver, French Red Cross. 

Muirsmith, B. S., 1910-13, Lieut., R.N.V.R. 

Muirsmith, E. W., 1909-12, Capt., Durham L.I. 

Mundell, G., 1900-3, Capt., R.G.A. (T.). 

Mungall, H. L., 1908-10, Lieut., Scots Guards; M.C. 

Munro, A. G., 1902-4, Lieut., R.G.A. Wounded. 

Munro, J. H., 189S-9, Lieut., Canadian Engineers. 

Murray, J., 1891-3, 2nd Lieut., R.G.A. 

Murray, R. G., 1895-6, Private, R. Fus. Wounded, July 1916. 

Murray, T. G., 1915, Officers' Training Bn. 

Murray, W. A. K., 1907-13, Capt., 6th Bn. H.L.I. : Machine 
Gun Corps ; mentioned in despatches ; O.B.E. 

Myles, J. F., 1902-8, Capt., 8th Bn. Seaforth Highrs. Wounded 
(France), Aug. 1915; March 1916; July 1917. 

Naismith, A., 1895-7; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Nasmyth, J. A., 1904-6, Private, 13th Bn. R. Scots. Wounded, 
Oct. 1916. 

Neilson, R. T., 1889-96, Capt., 17th Bn. H.L.I. ; Machine Gun 
Corps ; mentioned in despatches. 

Neilson, Walter, 1881-6, Major, H.L.I. ; War Office mention. 

Neilson, W., 1884-91, Capt., 2nd Bn. H.L.L Wounded; 
prisoner of war, 1918. 

Neilson, W. G., 1887-94, D.S.O. (South Africa) ; Major, 1st Bn. 
A. and S. Highrs. ; Staff; C.M.G. ; five times mentioned in 
despatches ; Brevet Lieut.-Col. 

Ness-Walker, J., 1908-13, Capt., R.F.A. 

Roll of Honour 45 

Nicholson, J., 1913-17, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Artillery Unit. 

Nicholson, J. W., 1906-11, Lieut., 37th Central India Horse. 

Nicolson, Sir A. J. F. W., Bart., 1897-1902, Lieut., R.N.V.R. 

Nicolson, H. S., 1897-1902, Lieut., R.N.V.R. 

Nicolson, L. E., 1902-7, Lieut.. R.N.V.R. 

Norman, G. S., 1898-1903, Lieut., Army Ordnance Dept. 

O'Ferrall, E. A., 1907-10, 2nd Lieut., 7th Bn. Lincolnshire 
Regt, : M.C., with Bar. 

Ogilvie, T., 1888-90, Lieut.-Col., 4th Bn. Gordon Highrs. ; Staff: 
C.B. ; C.M.G. ; four times mentioned in despatches. 

Oliver, G. L., 1892-3, Major, 1st Bn. Middlesex Regt. 

Orr-Paterson, R. R., 1894-6, Flight-Comdr., R.A.F. 

Pate, R. T. A., 1912-13, Lieut., H.L.I. Wounded, July 1916. 

Paterson, D. G., 1902-5, Lieut., 12th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. 

Paterson, E. W., 1893-7, Capt., R.F.A. (T.). 

Paterson, Lamont, 1887, Principal Medical Officer, 1st New- 
foundland Regt. 

Paton, J., 1900-5, Capt,, Kinross Bn., Fife Vol. Regt. 

Patterson, C. D., 1897-9, Paymaster-Lieut., R.N.R. ; Staff, 
C.O.'s Office, Portsmouth ; War Office mention. 

Pearson, R. F., 1914-16, Cadet, Quetta; Lieut., 30th Lancers r 
LA. ; M.C. 

Philip, G. H., 1915-16, 2nd Lieut., R.F.A. Wounded, 1918; 
prisoner of war, 1918. 

Phillips, R. C, 1910-11, Lieut., King's Liverpool Regt.; M.C. 

Pillans, J. E., 1910-14, 2nd Lieut., R. Scots. Wounded. 

Pirie, G., 1903-6; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Porter, W., 1907-8, Private, 7th Bn. Black Watch. 

Potter, W. M., 1901-8, Lieut., 10th Bn. Seaforth Highrs. 

Potts, H. R., 1900-4, Capt., 5th Bn. Border Regt. 

Pretsell, J., 1890-4, Bombardier, R.G.A. 

Pringle, H. R, K., 1913 16, Motor Ambulance in Italy. 

Pringle, J. S., 1896-1901, Capt., 8th Bn. R. Scots; Croix de 
Guerre (French). 

46 Merchiston Castle School 

Pringle-Pattison, H. S. S., 1909-13, Capt., 1st Bn. Cameron 
Highrs. ; Staff; M.C., with Bar. Wounded (France), Sept. 
1915; Sept. 1916. 

Bab, A. T. E., 1890-1, 2nd Lieut., K.O.S.B. 

Bae, D. B., 1894-5, Lieut., B.A.S.C. 

Bae-Arnot, G., 1911-15, 2nd Lieut., B.E. (T.) ; mentioned in 
despatches. Wounded, 1917. 

Ralston, F. G., 1890-1 ; M.B. ; Capt., B.A.M.C. 

Ramsay, A. M., 1903-5, B.A.F. 

Ramsay, D. M., 1893-7, Lieut., B.A.S.C. 

Bamsay, J. G., 1895-1900, Major, 1st Bn. Cameron Highrs. ; Staff; 
D.S.O. ; O.B.E. ; three times mentioned in despatches; 
Croix de Guerre (Belgian). Wounded, 1915. 

Bankine, J. A., 1901-2, Private, Motor Transport, B.A.S.C. 

Ebid, A., 1905-8, Capt., B.E. (T.). 

Beid, T. G. D., 1912-13, 2nd Lieut., Lothians and Border Horse. 

Beoch, D. J., 1913-14, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Artillery Unit. 

Beoch, J. A., 1907-10, S. African Heavy Artillery. 

Bichard, W. C, 1889-94, Private, B. Fus., Public Schools Bn. 

Biddel, B., 1901-4, Lieut., A. and S. Highrs. ; M.C. 

Ritchie, G., 1891-7, Lieut., 3rd Bn. Gordon Highrs. 

Roberts, A. F., 1896-1901, Lieut.-Col., N.Z.B.F.A. in JS'.Z. ; 

Roberts, G., 1905-9, Major, B.F.A. ; M.C, with 2 Bars; D.S.O. ; 
mentioned in despatches. Wounded (4 times). 

Bobertson, D., 1908-14, Capt., 16th Bn. Lane. Fus.; M.C. 

Robertson, D. M., 1896-7, Private, 24th Bn. B. Fus.; 2nd 
Lieut., K.O.S.B. 

Bobertson, D. N., 1906-10, Capt., 6th Bn. A. and S. Highrs.; 
M.C. Wounded, 1915; 1916. 

Bobertson, G. C, 1908-14, Lieut., 10 Bn. B. Scots. 

Robertson, H. M., 1905-9, 2nd Lieut., 13th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. 

Bobertson, J. W., 1913-18, Officers' Cadet Bn. 

Robertson, B. M., 1892-7, Capt., 14th Bn. London Regt. (London 

Robertson, T. A., 1905-8, 2nd Lieut., B.G.A. (S.B.). 

Bobertson, W., 1906-10 r Major, B.G.A, (T.). Wounded, 1917. 

Roll of Honour 47 

Robertson, W. Jex, 1895-9, Lieut, 8th Bn. R. Scots Fus., attd. 
R. Dublin Fus. ; M.C. Wounded, July 1916. 

Robertson, W. S., 1913-18, Officers' Cadet Bn. (Cambridge). 

Robertson, W. S. I., 1892-7; M.B. } Capt,, R.A.M.C. 

Robin, A., 1889-94, Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Robin, G. D., 1913-16, Lieut., R.A.F. Wounded, 1918. 

Robin, R. D., 1909-13, Lieut., 9th Bn. H.L.I. 

Robson, Geoffrey, 1912-15, 2nd Lieut., Northumberland Fus. 

Robson, George, 1876-80, Lieut., Army Remount Dept. 

Robson, Jacob, 1911-15, 2nd Lieut., 1st Bn. Northumberland Fus. 

Roed, Charles Liepke, 1898-1902, 2nd Air Mechanic, 9th 
Balloon Co., Italian Exp. Force. 

Roger, W. Wood, 1910-13, Capt., 4th Bn. H.L.I. Wounded. 

Rogers, A. L., 1896-1900, Lieut,, R.F.A. Wounded, 1918. 

Rogerson, J. A., 1899-1904, Capt,, 102nd Grenadiers, LA. 

Ronaldson, J. B., 1899-1903, Surgeon, R.N.V.R. 

Ronaldson, T. M., 1894-7, 2nd Lieut., R.G.A. 

Ross, D. H., 1912-15; Sandhurst; 2nd Lieut., 3rd Bn. R. Dublin 

Ross, H. C. K, 1909-11, 2nd Lieut, R.G.A. (T.). 

Ross, W. C, 1915-16, R.G.A. Cadet Unit. 

Rusk, A. J., 1913-16, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Infantry Unit. 

Rutherford, C. D., 1900-3, Capt, R.F.A. 

Rutherford, J. M'C., 1899-1902, Capt, R.F.A. (T.). 

Salomons, J. A., 1913-18, Cadet, LA. ; Lieut, 1/34 Sikh Pioneers, 

Sanderson, R. S., 1901-4, Lieut., Roxburgh and Selkirk Vol. Regt, 
Scott, J. B., 1909-10, Private, R.A.M.C. 
Scott, P. J. H., 1913-16, Officers' Cadet Bn., Oxford. 
Scott, R. B., , 2nd Lieut, R. Scots Fus. 

Seth-Smith, H. K., 1907-13, 2nd Lieut, 3rd Bn. King's Liverpool 
Regt, attd. Middlesex Regt. Wounded, August 1916 : 1917. 

Seymour, E. F. E., 1895-6, Capt, R, Dublin Fus. 

Shalders, N. B., 1911-13, Midshipman, R.N.R, 

Sharp, J., 1907-12, Lieut., 5th Bn. R, Scots. 

48 Merchiston Castle School 

Shearer, A. A. F., 1913-16, Private, 5th Bn. Seaforth Highrs, 
Wounded, 1918. 

Siev weight, R. H., 1904-7, Lieut., 9th Bn. Inniskilling Fus. ;. 
Capt., R.A.F. Wounded, August 1916. 

Simpson, A. P., 1881-4, Lieut.-Col., 10th Bn. R. Scots; mentioned 
in despatches ; War Office mention ; O.B.E. 

Simpson, B. S., 1910-14, No. 9 Red Cross Hospital, B.E.F. 

Simpson, G. A. D., 1906-10, 2nd Lieut., 3rd Bn. R. Scots; 
seconded for service with the Indian Army, 1918. 

Simpson, J. M., 1913-18, Cadet, R.N. Air Service. 

Simpson, J. W., 1903-8; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Simson, J. T., 1896-1902 ; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Sinclair, W. J., 1905-8, 2nd Lieut., R.A.F. 

Skelton, A. N., 1893-5, Capt., Scottish Horse. Wounded, 1918. 

Slater, G. B., 1911-13, 2nd Lieut., Loyal N. Lanes. Regt. ; 
Machine Gun Corps. 

Sloan, W. N., 1908-9, Lieut., 8th Bn. Scottish Rifles 
(Cameronians). Wounded (Dardanelles), 1915. 

Small, W. D. D., 1902-5; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Smakt, G. B., 1911-15, Lieut., Black Watch. Wounded (Meso- 
potamia), March 1917. 

Smith, A., 1906-10, Lieut., R.H.A. (T.). 

Smith, A. C, 1916-18, Cadet, R.A.F. 

Smith, G. W., 1894-6, Major, 2nd Bn. K.O.S.B. ; O.B.E. ; Legion 
of Honour (French). Wounded, 1915. 

Smith, I. S., 1908-10, Lieut., R. Scots Fus. ; M.C. 

Smith, J. C. J., 1895-9, Capt., R.A. 

Smith, J. M., 1909-11, 2nd Lieut., R.G.A. (T.). 

Smith, P. K., 1896-8, 2nd Lieut., H.L.I., transferred R.E. 

Smith, R., 1909-13, Lieut., 8th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. Wounded, 
1915; Sept. 1916. 

Smith, R. O'H., 1904-8, Capt., 6th Bn. Essex Regt. Wounded, 
April 1917. 

Smith, R. Spencer, 1900-3, Bombardier, R.F.A. 

Smith, T. S. Whyte, 1895-9, 2nd Lieut., 14th Bn. R. Scots; 
Lieut., King's African Rifles. 

Smyth, J. J. B., 1898-9, R.A.S.C. 

Roll of Honour 49 

Spence, T. R. M., 1901-4, Private, Malay States Vol. Rifles. 

Stavert, D. R. B., 1904-6, Capt., R.F.A. (T.). 

Stewart, A. N. B., 1904-10, Lieut., R. Glasgow Yeomanry. 

Stewart, C. H., 1905-7, Lieut., 4th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. 
Wounded, 1917. 

Stewart, D. M., 1913-18, Cadet, R.A.F. 

Stewart, H. R,, 1891-4, Major, Highland Cyclist Bn. 

Stewart, J. G., 1900-3, Capt., S. African Heavy Artillery; M.C. 

Stewart, T. W., 1894-8, 2nd Lieut., 3rd Bn. Black Watch. 

Stewart, W. G., 1912-16, Edin. Univ. O.T.C., Artillery Unit. 

Strang, J. L., 1908-11, Lieut., 4th Bn. Border Regt., transferred 
to Machine Gun Corps. 

Stuart, A. H., 1902-8, Lieut., 3rd Bn. Black Watch; Staff 
(Egypt) ; O.C., Southern District of Sinai. 

Stuart, G. F., 1911-15, Lieut., 10th Bn. R. Scots, transferred to 
W. Yorks. Regt. ; D.S.O. ; mentioned in despatches. 

Stuart, I. St C, 1904-8, Inns of Court O.T.C. 

Sutherland, H. G., 1895-1900, Temp. Surgeon, Royal Naval 
Hospital, Pembroke Dock. 

Sutherland, N. R., 1913-15, Lieut., A. and S. Highrs. 

Sutherland, T. D., 1909-11, Major, Lincoln. Regt.; M.C; 
D.S.O., with Bar; mentioned in despatches. Wounded, 
June 1917. 

SwrNBURNE, U. P., 1881-5, Major, 8th Bn. Seaforth Highrs. 
Wounded (France), Oct. 1915. 

Taylor, W. R., 1905-9, Private, Motor Transport, R.A.S.C. 

Templeton, C. B., 1907-10, Private, 6th Bn. Cameron Highrs. 

Tennent, A. K., 1899-1904, Capt., 6th Bn. R. Sussex Regt.; 
mentioned in despatches ; O.B.E. 

Tennext, J. M., 1902-7, Capt., 6th Bn. H.L.I. 

Thin, T., 1912-16, 2nd Lieut., R.G.A. (T.). 

Thom, A. A., 1897-1900, Lieut., 6th Bn. Seaforth Highrs. 

Thom, J. A., 1908-10, Capt., Highland Cyclist Bn. ; Army Cyclist 
Corps. Wounded, May 1916. 

Thompson, A. R., 1913-18, Officers' Cadet Bn. 

Thomson, E. C, 1910-15, 2nd Lieut., R.G.A. (T.). 

Thomson, G.D., 1912-17; Sandhurst; 2nd Lieut., K.O.S.B. ; M.C. 

50 Merchiston Castle School 

Thomson, L. G., 1910-14, Private, Army Pay Corps. 

Thornton, C. T., 1899-1904, 2nd Lieut., R. Scots. Wounded, 

Tod, A. J., 1896-9, Lieut., Scottish Horse; mentioned in 

Torrance, P. W., 1899-1904, Capt., 12th Bn. H.L.I. ; M.C. ; 
Legion of Honour (French). Wounded, 1915. 

Turnbull, B., 1892-6, Major, 23rd Sikh Pioneers, LA. ; mentioned 
in despatches and promoted to Brevet Lieut.-Col., 1919 ; 
Order of the White Eagle (Serbian). Wounded, 1915 

Turnbull, G. D. B., 1904-9, Lieut., R.N.V.R. ; R.A.F. 

Turnbull, G. O., 1889-95, Lieut.-Col., 25th Punjabis; D.S.O. ; 
Staff, in Egypt ; Order of the Nile (Egyptian) ; Order of El 
Nahda (King of the Hedjaz). Wounded (France), Sept. 

Turnbull, H. S., 1894-8, Lieut.-Col., Gordon Highrs. ; Lieut.-Col., 
Territorial Force Reserve, 1918. 

Turnbull, R., 1901-3, 2nd Lieut., Roxburgh and Selkirk Vol. 

Turner, R. W., 1907-9, 2nd Lieut., 7th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. 

Turner, W. H., 1900-4, Capt., 5th Bn. K.O.S.B. 

Tweedie, R. W., 1890-2, Lieut.-Col., 8th Bn. R. Scots (Territorial 
Force Reserve). 

Underwood, H. J., 1909-14, Lieut., 13th Bn. R. Scots; Capt., 
29th Punjabis, LA. Wounded (France), Sept. 1915. 

Ure, C. M'G., 1907-11, Capt., R.E. (T.). Prisoner of war, Oct. 

Urquhart, W. L. A. W., 1886-93, Lieut., Black Watch (S.R.). 

Usher, C. M., 1905-9, Capt., Gordon Highrs. Prisoner of war, 
1914; O.B.E. 

Usher, James, 1893-1901. Private, 3rd Bn. Xorthumberland Fus. 
Wounded, 1918. 

Voge, C. I. B., 1911-13, 2nd Lieut., R.A.F. 

Waddell, R. B., 1898-1902, Capt., 9th Bn. H.L.I. 

Waddy, E. W., 1907-12, Capt., 12th Bn. Scottish Rifles 
(Cameronians). Wounded, Oct. 1916. 

Walker, H., 1891-3, Private, 24th Bn. R. Fus. 

Walker, N. D., 1892-4 ; M.B. ; Major, R.A.M.C. 

Roll of Honour 51 

Walker, W. R., 1900-5, Lieut., 4th Bn. Border Regt. 

Wallace, A. F., 1914-17, Cadet, R.A.F. 

Wallace, J. G, 1903-9, Capt., R.E. (S.R.); R.A.F. ; M.C. ; 
mentioned in despatches. 

Watson, C. S. M., 1893-8, Lieut.-Col., R.E. ; D.S.O. ; mentioned 
in despatches. 

Watson, H. M. I)., 1890-3, Lieut., Cameron Highrs ; Croix de 
Guerre (Belgian) ; Order of Leopold (Belgian). 

Watson, J. P., 1885-7, Capt., City of Edinburgh Vol. Regt. 

Watson, J. S.. 1907-8, 2nd Lieut., 21st Bn. Manchester Regt. 

Watson, W. W., 1886-9, Commander, R.N.V.R., H.M.S. 

"Arrogant" ; D.S.O. ; mentioned in despatches. 

de Watteville, J. E., 1907-10, Lieut., Cameron Highrs. ; R.A.F. ; 
Croix de Guerre (French). Wounded, April 1917. 

Wauchope, C. L., 1904-8, Capt., 1st Bn. Northamptonshire Regt. ; 
Staff. Wounded, 1915; (Dardanelles), Jan. 1916. 

Webber, J. W. F., 1896-1902, Major, 3rd S. African Infantry; 
Brigade-Major; Staff; M.C. 

Webster, G. A., 1906-10, 2nd Lieut., 7th Bn. London Regt, 
Wounded, 1918. 

Webster, J. C, 1904-6, Capt., 9th Bn. A. and S. Highrs. 

Welsh, W. H., 1893-9 ; M. D. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. ; Order of St Sava 
(Serbian) ; Military Medal for Merit (Greek). 

Whitaker, B., 1903-6, Lieut., 7th S. African Infantry. 

Whitaker, H., 1900-4; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C; M.C. 

Whiteford, J. H. G., 1880-3; M.B. ; Major, R.A.M.C. (T.) ; War 
Office mention. 

Whyte, G. A., 1902-4, 2nd Lieut., Scottish Horse. 

Wightman, A. R., 1902-7 ; M.B. ; Capt., R.A.M.C. 

Wightman, G. L., 1902-7, 2nd Lieut., Gordon Highrs. ; Major, 
R.A.F. ; mentioned in despatches. 

Wilson, A., 1909-11, Capt., R.G.A. (T.). 

Wilson, G. E., 1910-12, Lieut., 11th Bn. Scottish Rifles, trans- 
ferred to R.A.F. 

Wilson, H. D., 1891-4; M.D. ; Capt, R.A.M.C. 

Wilson, P. F. H., 1911-14, Lieut., 4th Bn. H.L.I. ; M.C. 

Winkler, K R., 1906-8, Lieut., N.Z.F.A. ; M.C. 

S - ■■--■ •-. 

a '--■ 

52 Merchiston Castle School 

Winkler, W. 0. B., 1908-12, 2nd Lieut., R.G.A., transferred to 
R.A.F. ; mentioned in despatches. Prisoner of war, 1917. 

Winter, H. E., 1898-1902, Lieut., R.A.S.C. 

Wolff, A. J., 1886-90, Lieut.-Col., R.E. ; D.S.O. ; mentioned in 

Wood, W. L., 1897-1901, 2nd Lieut., R.A.S.C. 

Woodburn, J. L., 19H-16, Cadet, R.A.F. 

Workman, R., 1896-1902, Lieut., 13th Bh. R. Irish Rifles. 

Wylie, J. D., 1903-5, Lieut., 7th Bn. R. Scots. 

Wylie, J. K. M., 1896-8, Major, 8th Bn. Scottish Rifles. 

Young, C. J. M., 1904-7, 2nd Lieut., R.E. ; M.C. 

Young, G. C, 1906-7, Lieut., Seaforth Highrs., transferred to 

Young, J. I)., 1895-1902, Lieut, R.G.A. (T.); mentioned in 

Yule, H. V., 1902-3, Capt., 25th Cavalry, LA. 


Colgrave, B., 1916-18, 2nd Lieut., O.T.C. 

Denxiston, A. G., 1907-9, Comdr., R.N. (Admiralty). 

Fearenside, E., 1905- , Lieut.-Col., 17th Bn. Manchester Regt. ; 
D.S.O. ; O.B.E. ; twice mentioned in despatches. Wounded, 
March 1917. 

Gascoigne, T., 1904- , City of Edinburgh Vol. Regt. 

Gaussen, E. A., 1913-18, Capt., O.T.C. 

Lockyer, S. H., 1916- , Private, R. Fus. ; Lieut., O.T.C. 

Mabbott, W. J., 1887-96, Major, 4th Bn. K.O.S.B. 

Madden, J. G., 1912-14, Capt., 17th Bn. Manchester Regt. ; 
D.S.O. ; mentioned in despatches. Wounded, July 1916. 

Oaten, W. S., 1914-15, Capt., R.F.A. Wounded, Oct. 1916. 

Raikes, W. O., 1910-11, Lieut., 3rd Bn. E. Kent Regt. ; R.A.F. 

Wells, Rev. E. G., 1903-4, Army Chaplain; M.C, with 2 Bars. 

Young, H. S., 1908- , Capt., A.P.D. ; mentioned in despatches. 

Roll of Honour 53 

Aitchison, T. W., 2nd Lieut., 10th Bn. R. Scots. 

Allan, W. N., Lieut, 9th Bn. Gordon Highrs. ■ M.C. Wounded, 
Sept. 1916. 

Barclay, G., Capt., Princess Patricia's Light Infantry (Canada). 

Bond, L. V., Capt,, R.E. 

Boog- Watson, W. N., 

Brodie, R. H., Lieut., 3rd Bn. Middlesex Regt. Wounded, 1915. 

Clark, C. E., 2nd Lieut., R.M.L.I. 

Dovey, A. C, 2nd Lieut., Uth Bn. H.L.I. 

Dovey, J. E., 2nd Lieut,, R.F.A. Wounded, Nov. 1916. 

Dunlop, C. C, Lieut., 13th Bn. R. Scots. 

Ellis, A. G., R.N.A.S. 

Ewing, A. H., 2nd Lieut., 7th Bn. E. Yorks. Regt. 

Fairweather, R, M. D., Lieut., 4th Bn. H.L.L ; R.A.F. ; M.C. 

Farmer, D. W., Lieut,, R.N. 

Fletcher, G. D. A., Capt,, 15th Bn. H.L.I. ; M.C. 

Garth, R. M., 2nd Lieut., E. Surrey Regt, Wounded, 1915. 

Gavin, N. D. I., Lieut., 6th Bn. K.O.S.B. ; R.A.F. 

Gordon, H. S., 2nd Lieut., R.F.A. Wounded, 1918. 

Hamilton, G., 2nd Lieut., Scottish Horse. 

Henderson, A., 2nd Lieut., R. Scots Fus. Wounded, 1917. 

Holland, W. G. T. ; 2nd Lieut., E. Lanes. Regt. Wounded. 

Hunter, F. G., Lieut.-Comdr., R.N. 

Lewis, T. R. S., 2nd Lieut., R.N. 

Lindsay, R. S., Lieut, 9th Bn. R. Scots. 

Macdougall, A. I., Major, 5th Lancers. 

Macduff, R. A. H., R.N. 

M'Ewen, W. J. L., R.N. 

M'Gregor, D. C, 2nd Lieut, 8th Bn. R. Scots. 

MacGregor, J. C, 2nd Lieut, R.G.A. Wounded, 1917. 

M^regor, J. C. S., 2nd Lieut, 9th Bn. R. Scots. 

Mackenzie, E. G., 

Mackenzie, G. K., Lieut, S. African Light Horse. 

54 Merchiston Castle School 

Munro, A. P., Sergt., 305th Infantry, United States Army. 

Murray, A., Private, R. Pus. Wounded, July 1916. 

Ross, P. M., 2nd Lieut, 8th Bn. K.O.S.B. Wounded (France), 
Sept. 1915; prisoner of war, 1915. 

Sarolea, J. R., 2nd Lieut., R.E. (T.). 

Stitt, J. H., Lieut., Gordon Highrs. ; M.C. 

Turnbull, R. P., 2nd Lieut., 9th Bn. H.L.I. Wounded, 1915. 

Utterson-Kelso, J. E., Capt. (act. Lieut. -Col.), 1st Bn. R. Scots 
Fus. ; M.C. ; D.S.O., with Bar; mentioned in despatches. 
Wounded, 1915. 

Watson, B. C, Lieut. -Comdr., R.N. ; D.S.O. 

Welsh, W., 2nd Lieut., 13th Bn. R. Scots. 


Burton, R. W., Lieut., 1st Bn. E. Surrey Regt. ; M.C. AVounded 
(France), Oct. 1915. 

Donaldson, C. L., Bombardier, R.G.A. 

Garvin, J., Capt., Welsh Regt. Wounded, May 1916; Nov. 

Meade, P. J., Lieut, 16th Bn. Manchester Regt. Wounded 
(France), Dec. 1915. 

Murphy, J. H., R.N.A.S. and R.A.F. 

Nicholl, A. F., Trooper, R.F.A. Wounded, Aug. 1916. 

Potter, C. G., R.F.A. 

Wood, J. H., 2nd Lieut, 4th Bn. H.L.I. 

Roll of Honour 




K.C.M.G. . 





Bars to D.S.O. 

M.C. . 

Bars to M.C. 


Despatches . 

War Office mentions 

Order of British Empire 


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